Festival Funding

Screen Training Ireland supports masterclasses and workshop at film festivals where the masterclass will expose industry practitioners to international best practice for the screen sectors. In all cases support is offered only if the organisers meet strict criteria and conditions. Criteria for support:

    Application process:

  • Applicants must fill in the Screen Training Ireland Application for Funding Form and submit via email to criona.sexton@screentraininingireland.ie a minimum of four weeks prior to the commencement of the Festival and proposed training event. The application must contain a full breakdown of the proposed event, a budget and a tutor biography.
  • A decision will be made within ten working days of receipt of application. Applicants wishing for a decision prior to this must submit their completed application form ahead of the four week deadline.
  • In order to draw down final payment the festival must submit the completed Screen Training Ireland Evaluation Form which will be emailed when funding is approved. Retrospective applications will not be accepted.


  • The Festival applying for support must be based in Ireland.
  • Due to limited resources, the application process is competitive. Benefit to the Irish Film, Television Digital Media or Animation sector must clearly accrue from the running of this masterclass or workshop. The maximum funding available for each training event will be €2,000. The decision to support any individual training event will only be made on receipt of the completed application form containing a full breakdown of the event, budget and tutor biography.
  • A maximum of one event will be supported per festival except when two proposals of extraordinary merit are submitted presenting unique training opportunities that can’t be replicated at another time.

    Requirements of the training event:

  • The training opportunity must be for industry professionals working in the Irish film, television, animation or digital media sectors and emerging filmmakers.
  • The minimum required length of the training event should be 3 hours with a fifteen minute coffee break.
  • Fees must be set at a maximum of €25 per person for a three hour masterclass and €75 per day for a longer event.
  • The Festivals must process all applications. When allocating places the festival must demonstrate a fair transparent process based on strict criteria which must be furnished in advance of selection to Screen Training Ireland. This selection can be based on the submission of CV’s by applicants or submitted samples of work.
  • The Film Festival must get all attendees to sign in and return the sign in sheet to Screen Training Ireland. The Film Festival must supply the attendees with the Screen Training Ireland feedback form available here.
  • The completed forms must be returned to Screen Training Ireland with the completed Evaluation form.
  • All documentation and publicity must state the event is supported by Screen Training Ireland and must contain the Screen Training Ireland logo.