Who We Are

“Screen Skills Ireland occupies a central and crucial role at the centre of training and skills development for the AV industry in Ireland. It is well-regarded by stakeholders, with a strong reputation for quality and for engaging industry. The organisation is seen as a key link between the industry and skills development provision, with deep understanding of the needs of the sector.”

Crowe Horwath Report on the Development of Skills for the Audio-visual Industry in Ireland 2017.

Screen Skills Ireland is the leading agency with responsibility for investing in people and skills development for the screen sectors in Ireland.

Now part of Fís Éireann/Screen Ireland, Screen Skills Ireland was established in 1995 to provide continuing training and career development opportunities for professionals working in the screen sectors.

Screen Skills Ireland designs, develops and delivers industry-focused skills development initiatives for the screen sector in Ireland, encompassing film, TV, animation, games and VFX, for all roles from new entrants to company leaders.

Our Core Values: Screen Skills Ireland’s core values are embedded in the work we do as follows:

  • providing skills development opportunities to our industry’s professionals throughout their career
  • offering strategic leadership for skills development within the screen sectors in Ireland
  • driving positive change within the sector through support for inclusivity, diversity, transparency and fairness in our work.
  • supporting the sector to grow and thrive across all regions nationally and internationally
  • collaborating with key stakeholders to provide skills development initiatives that respond to the changing needs of the sector

Upcoming Courses & Events

An Introduction to Nuke Compositing starting 23.02.2019

Screen Skills Ireland is seeking participants for An Introduction to Nuke Compositing. This course will give participants an overview of node based compositing in Nuke and introduce base rules and best practices. Following these best practices will inform participants on how to build comps is such a way that facilitates working as an efficient member

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Improving Your Photography Skills for Location Scouting starting 23.02.2019

This workshop is led by award winning architect and photographer Aisling McCoy http://www.aislingmccoy.com and is designed to give you the technical knowledge and practical skills to make better pictures of locations. During the course of the workshop you will get a technical understanding of how your camera works in manual and semi-auto mode, an overview

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Passport to Production: Film and TV Drama New Entrant Training Programme starting 25.02.2019

Passport to Production is a new entrant training programme which has been developed to equip new entrants with the key future skills for working in the Film and TV Industry, and to support new entrants on the job and on set. Industry feedback internationally and nationally continually highlights the need for future skills such as

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Cracking Edit Producing starting 26.02.2019

Edit Producing is rapidly escalating to one of the most important roles in high end, fast turnaround non-scripted television production. Prime time ratings winners in Ireland are adopting the UK and US Edit Producer model, quickly reaping the benefits to quality, creativity, consistency, budget and a timely delivery to the channel (in Ireland or internationally). 

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Investigating Characters starting 27.02.2019

Screen Skills Ireland is seeking participants for “Investigating Characters”. This course will provide guidance to writers and creatives on: Plot and Character; How They Are Intertwined Clarifying a Character’s Primary Motivation How to Write Secondary Characters and Give Them Definition Beats of Transformation Communicating Character Economically and Memorably Mary Kate O Flanagan is an award-winning

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Visual Storytelling Skills for Animation Storyboard Artists starting 02.03.2019

Screen Skills Ireland is seeking participants for Visual Storytelling Skills for Animation Storyboard Artists course. This 2-day intensive course will provide participants with the principles of visual storytelling and outline how these principles apply to storyboard for animation. Through a series of demonstrations and useful examples, this course will give participants an overview of the

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