Friday, December 19th, 2014

Screen Training Ireland delivered a wide range of programmes across the three key training areas in 2014: Creativity and Creative Collaboration, Production and Technical, and Business and Enterprise. In addition, Screen Training Ireland supported individuals to attend key European training programmes through the Bursary Award Scheme.

Creativity and Creative Collaboration

In the Creative area, highlights included the Bobette Buster course “The Art and Process of Cinematic Storytelling”, in which Bobette analyses classic films, explores the craft of cinematic storytelling, and presents film clips from scores of beloved, international films in various genres. The highly regarded Directing Workshop with Dearbhla Walsh, which aims to strengthen participants’ drama directing skills, was once again delivered in association with Galway Film Centre. Dearbhla also delivered an Auditioning workshop for actors with casting director Maureen Hughes for Galway Film Centre and Screen Training Ireland. Bruce Block returned to Ireland to deliver his acclaimed Visual Storytelling course to Directors, Cinematographers and Animation and Games professionals. A number of Film Music seminars and workshops were delivered in association with IMRO, Pulse College MA in Scoring for Visual Media, and First Music Contact. Creative training in 2014 was rounded off with a Script Reading programme with script consultant Ruth McCance.

Production and Technical

Training in production and technical skill spans physical and digital production, and includes the development of technical and artistic skills in animation, VFX, and production and crew skills. 2014 saw a strong focus on animation and VFX, with a number of courses such as Transitioning to Maya, Nuke Compositing and Intermediate Nuke all being run in collaboration with Animation Skillnet. STI supported the second Irish VFX and Animation Summit, and launched the ASSET scheme, a specialist skills enhancement scheme for Animation and VFX that offered successful applicants support for a variety of training interventions including mentoring, online training and local and overseas training courses.

Screen Training Ireland also launched Production Club in 2014, a series of evening seminars for production personnel and crew, and focusing on a variety of practical issues such as copyright, music licensing, cost reporting and employment law. A two-day First AD course was completed, as well as further training from First AD Liz Gill on set and crew management for producers and directors. STI and Galway Film Centre delivered a practical, hands-on course on Digital Self-shooting and Data Management, and collaborated with Screen Producers Ireland to deliver a Digital Production and Delivery seminar for TV producers. STI also partnered with SIPTU to deliver Safepass and Manual Handling training throughout the year. STI also ran EP Movie Magic Budgeting and Scheduling courses with European Movie Magic distributors Sargent Disc.

Looking ahead to 2015, production and crew skills across all departments will be a key focus, and STI will be developing a number of initiatives that focus on work-based learning. STI, together with Animation Skillnet, have already announced the VFX and Animation Traineeship, and further on-the-job training initiatives will be launched in 2015.

Business and Enterprise

In the Business and Enterprise area the final module of the Screen Leaders 2014 programme took place in Amsterdam from the 27th to the 30th of November 2014. Speakers on Module 3 of the programme included Golden Globe and EFA nominees Erik Hemmendorff, Producer of FORCE MAJEURE, Platform Produktion and EWA Puszczynska, Producer of IDA, OPUS Films; Mark Little, CEO, Storyful, Henric Larsson, CEO, Chimney Group, Esther Bannenberg, Acquisitions, Lumière, Pim Hermeling, Owner, September Film Distribution, Martin Paul-Hus, Vice President, Amèrique Film, Martin Rabarts, Head of Development, NFDC India and Deborah Rowland, CEO, We Are The Tonic. Screen Leaders with the support of the Nederlands Film Fund and the Creative Europe Desk NL also presented a seminar in the Eye Museum entitled How to Launch a European Film in the International Market.

Under the Business Matters series of Seminars Screen Training Ireland delivered seminars on Getting to the Heart of the Deal to explore sales and distribution agreements and on Chain of Title. In the television area, a series of seminars on Developing Original Formats for Television and Research Skills were delivered.

Another key programme was Leading Edge: the Producers Programme. This is a project specific programme which focused on the Irish and UK markets, with a module held in London. The programme focused on finance, development, sales and distribution.

Key programmes for 2015 will focus on the areas of marketing; sales; distribution; exhibition; format development; strategic planning; and career development for writers, directors and producers.