SODA, Denmark

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SODA is a Danish make-up fx studio run by Thomas Foldberg & Morten Jacobsen.
In 2005 they formed the company SODA ApS, creating everything from subtle old-age make-ups to flying infants.

Morten Jacobsen, a Joe Blasco and Dick Smith student, has worked as a professional make-up artist since 1987. His career started in both straight make-up and effects, but he has recently worked primarily in special effects make-up.

Thomas Foldberg has worked as a professional make-up artist since 1996 and has an extensive background in sculpting. Thomas has from the beginning of his career worked as a special effects make-up artist, and has also done work for artists and the toy industry.

Between them, they have created make-up effects for more than 120 European feature films, including AntiChrist, Breaking The Waves, The Keeper of Lost Causes, Dancer In The Dark and Adams Apples. They have also worked on numerous commercials, TV productions and stage plays. SODA also create very realistic transfer tattoos, and have done so for more than 50 feature films and TV productions.