Robert Thirkell

Robert Thirkell is a TV Troubleshooter, and film repairman responsible for many hit TV documentaries and formats. He specialises in helping to create documentaries and format factual films and series at their inception, guaranteeing their quality and storytelling, and also in helping them get on air when problems need solving, especially when a bit of extra storytelling and character is needed.

Since leaving the BBC in 2003 Robert has specialized in helping broadcasters and production companies, in the UK and abroad, to create documentary formats, oversee new brands, and sort out problem series, as a creative consultant, series editor, and troubleshooter, always applying the strong narrative storytelling for which he is renowned. He directed TROUBLESHOOTER, which won the BAFTA for originality. As a result he was able to create and build business documentaries on the BBC, making them into the most successful in the world, and making a raft of original and popular formats. He went on to win the first two BAFTAs in the new formatted features category for the series BACK TO THE FLOOR and BLOOD ON THE CARPET which created the modern formatted revolution. More recently Robert was Series Editor ofJAMIES SCHOOL DINNERS, winning another BAFTA, and troubleshooter for THE BOY WHOSE SKIN FELL OFF which won the International Emmy. Other credits include SEX WITH MUM AND DAD, DON’T TELL THE BRIDE and BIG CHEF TAKES ON LITTLE CHEF. Robert is currently working on numerous series for UK broadcasters and production companies, as well as consulting around the world.

Recent credits include:

JAMIE’S FOOD REVOLUTION: Fresh One for ABC TV USA, winner Emmy.

THE HUMAN PLANET Major BBC/Discovery international documentary coproduction, winner 7 BAFTA awards, the most for any programme in its year.

THE DAY THE IMMIGRANTS LEFT Leopard for BBC, cited by BBC1 Controller Jay Hunt as favorite programme, an audience hit with over 5m viewers, a stunning 25% for current affairs. Nominated Rose d’Or.

THE TOWN THAT NEVER RETIRED Silver River for BBC, success about how we support our old people.

BATTLE FOR SCIENTOLOGY The first ‘First Cut’ new director film to be moved to primetime on Channel 4, biggest First Cut audience.

GIVE US THE MONEY STV Sweden/BBC coproduction/trans europe, part of major international Why Poverty season.

THE PLAN, another Feature documentary follow up to award winning hit The Planet, Swedish and pan European production on how we solve pollution crisis.