Mo Flam, Chief Lighting Technician

Mo Flam has been working as a Chief Lighting Technician on feature films for over 35 years. His interest in film started by making Super 8 surfing movies and environmental documentaries which led him to graduate school at Columbia University School of the Arts, where he earned an MFA in Film Studies. While at Columbia Mo started an internship with Hart Perry [Cinematographer of Harlan County USA] which led to many opportunities, in the early eighties, including working on documentaries and feature films with Tom Sigel in both the US and Central America. Mo had the privilege of working with many great cinematographers, including John Seale, Michael Ballhaus, Haskell Wexler, John Toll, Peter Suchitzky and Mattie Labitique to name just a few, allowing him to learn lighting from the best in the business. Mo has collaborated with Academy Award winning Cinematographer John Seale on 10 films, including The English Patient and four other Anthony Minghella films. Mo has also been the DP on a feature, shorts and commercials.