Mike Hogue

Mike Hogue is a classically trained Animator and Artist who specializes in Flash Animation and Design. He was a part of the hand-drawn Character Animation department on 3 Feature Films for 20th Century Fox, including "Anastasia" and "Titan A.E". He was a Cinematic Computer Animator on "Eternal Darkness", a Nintendo Video Game. He was the main Flash Animator on Michel Gagne’s award-winning "Insanely Twisted Shadow Puppet" stories, which were selected out of thousands of entries to be shown at the event screening of the 2006 "Siggraph" Computer Animation and Innovation Festival. These Flash-Animated shorts became the foundation for what would become Michel Gagne's "Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet" Video Game released on Xbox Live in 2011. Mike Hogue is also known in the tech community for his regular guest appearances on G4 Tech-TV's popular technology show "Call for Help" hosted by Leo Laporte. For several years on this show, Mike taught viewers how to Design and Animate in Adobe "Flash" Software. He has used Flash to animate all the characters in the first two seasons of "Pucca" for the Jetix Network, the new "George of the Jungle", and "Being Ian" Cartoon Series... as well as other popular Television Shows and Short Films. Most recently he has been compositing complex Surfing Scenes, Animating Characters, Creating Ocean Effects, and Quality Control, on the new Flash-Animated Surfing Cartoon called "Stoked" which airs on the Cartoon Network, and Teletoon in Canada. Mike uses Flash to design unique artwork, interactive websites and animations, and for personal projects like his animated character, "Jinx the Black Cat" and his Online Web-Comic, "Newt and John". You can view examples of his work at the following websites. www.mikehogue.com www.jinxtheblackcat.com www.newtandjohn.com