Mike Bell, Executive Producer, Simon’s Cat

Mike Bell has a passion for creatively led animation. He trained in animation at Sheridan College, Canada, and worked on features and commercials in Montreal and Dublin. He switched to producing when he relocated to London in 1998 and was executive producer with Oscar-winning studio Tandem, helping to create award-winning commercial campaigns (for clients such as Ribena, Honda and Nokia) and short films (including Daniel Greaves’ latest, crowd-funded film ‘Mr Plastimime’). He has collaborated with many award-winning animation directors from around the world including Suzie Templeton, Dave Daniels and Nathan Love. Along with Simon Tofield he is co-founder of Simon’s Cat, the most successful animation character series on YouTube (3,300,000+ subscribers and 585,000,000+ views to date). Based on the success of the series on YouTube, Simon’s Cat has sold over 1.5 million books in 27 territories (the first book was the No.1 Humour book in the UK) and launched over 100 licensed products. Mike is currently working on ‘Off To The Vet’, a 10-minute Simon’s Cat film funded by fans of the series. Mike will be launching new animation company Encycle Studios in 2015, based in London and Belfast.