Martin Parsons

Martin Parsons - Specialist in colour management and calibration and digital camera workflow for film, television and stereoscopic 3D. Martin Parsons has been in the television and film industries in London for 25 years, always working with cutting-edge technologies. He was chief engineer at CAL Videographics running London's first Sony D1 Digital VTR in the late 1980s. Subsequently he worked at The Mill and later assisted in the creation of MillFilm, where the movie 'Gladiator' won an Oscar for best VFX. Martin then was employed for over 10 years at MPC where he installed London's first production ARRI Laser film recorder. At MPC he was involved technically in taking the embryonic film department of just 17 people to a world class facility of over 600 staff working on such movies as the Harry Potter series of films, Narnia - Prince Caspian, James Bond - Quantum of Solace, Sweeney Todd and Slumdog Millionaire, to name just a few. Throughout this time he has investigated and found solutions for image and colour management pipelines for both film and television. After leaving MPC, Martin set up his consultancy 'Image Eyes' specialising in colour management and developing efficient and aesthetically pleasing film, TV and 3D stereoscopic workflows from set, through post-production and onto the screen.