Linda Beath

Founder - Ideal Filmworks Italia Ideal Filmworks was established by Linda Beath almost 20 years ago to raise development and production financing for international co-productions of high quality feature films and television programmes. Its twin specialisations are now Business and Strategic Planning for companies in the European audio – visual sector and entertainment industry project financing (covering classic Executive Producer duties). Since 1991, Ideal Filmworks has trained as well as consulted in a long time commitment to supporting new talent. Ideal Filmworks works with a small number of respected producers and counts on long time relationships with European, American and Canadian companies. For the past 15 years, it has run Strategic Planning and company development workshops privately for companies in the industry and consults to several countries’ film agencies, public film and television organisations. Prior to setting up Ideal Filmworks, Linda Beath was Senior Vice President and an Executive Producer at Sunrise Films during the period in which it produced a feature, two mini-series and two long running half hour dramatic series. Before this, she ran the English language development, production and the international marketing divisions of Telefilm Canada. Linda Beath’s entry into financing came after 12 years experience managing first Canadian then American specialist distribution companies. The majority of the films she acquired were European and through her work on marketing and selling them, she established strong relationships with key producers in the European Union. Linda Beath currently works on corporate development and co-production and film financing in Rome, often in collaboration with Panorama Films. She trains professionals in Business Planning and Strategic Planning at various workshops and is the Course Co-Director of Media’s only company development programme, Screen Leaders. She is the Finance Expert at EAVE, participating in all three of their annual workshops.