Laurie Knell

Director of Strategic Innovation Partners, Laurie has almost 20 years’ experience working in the consultancy, technology and transportation sectors in Ireland, Europe and Australia and has a track record of delivering organizational change, strategic realignment and business growth both as a consultant and as a leader within organizations. Laurie is a co-founder of Brain for Business, an initiative bringing together practical insights from the world of behavioural and brain science to deliver better business practice and outcomes.laurence-web-1

Laurie specialises in working with senior business leaders and their teams, helping them achieve breakthrough performance across the organisation and has worked internationally with leaders and executives in a wide-range of sectors including technology, transportation, finance, pharmaceutical, FMCG, and agri-business. More recently he has worked closely with senior leaders in the sporting field to enhance individual and team performance. Laurie has undertaken studies and advised governmental and semi-state organisation bodies on key policy and priority areas.

Laurie is an Associate Lecturer on the Open University Business School’s MBA program, focusing on key aspects of general management as well as creativity and innovation in the workplace. Through his work with the Open University, Laurence has extensive experience in the analysis, redesign, authoring and implementation of learning programmes. Key subject areas have included strategy, innovation, creativity and people & organisational development.