John Crumpton

John Crumpton has worked within the film and television industries for over forty years as a freelance editor in television and an independent producer and director. He has been nominated 3 times for BAFTA awards, including Clocking Off and Queer as Folk, his proudest moment was winning a BAFTA for his sound editing work on Jimmy McGovern’s drama documentary ‘Hillsborough’.

Between 2006 and 2014 John worked part-time as the Northern Learning Organiser for BECTU, the media and entertainment trade union, offering advice, guidance and delivered training in Health and Safety for members in the north of England.

John has always been an active trade unionist since being accepted as an ACTT member in 1978. After the union amalgamated John was elected BECTU North West Freelance Branch Steward and held the post for 7 years and he was then Branch Chair for a similar period. During this period John advised and represented freelance members, who work predominantly in the Region’s television industry. On many occasions John was able to resolve work related issues on behalf of members including those dealing with training, holiday pay, contracts and Health and Safety issues.
John is committed to lifelong learning for himself and others and he has undertaken study to enable him to do this to the best of his abilities. To this John has made extensive use of the excellent facilities at Stockport College to achieve Certificate qualifications in Education and Training Practice.

John is interested in people as important and unique individuals with their own ideas, hopes, and issues. John enjoys working in a team context where there is the opportunity to share information and ideas so he was delighted when asked last year, and after important TUC Tutor Training courses to join the TU Education team at Stockport College. This has given John the opportunity to make use of his experience in a supportive setting which is driven by trade union values of equality, respect, democracy and a learner-centred focus in all our courses.