Christian Divine

Christian Divine has spent his life within the shadows of the screen. As a Film Major at UC Berkeley, he taught genre courses while his short “Technorgania” was placed in the Moffitt Media Library. As a cultural archivist, he is considered the world’s expert on Otto Preminger’s 1968 psychedelic misfire, Skidoo and has presented his genre supercuts aka “Retroductions” in venues across the USA. For over a decade, his essays/interviews (with Stan Lee, Robert Rodriguez, David Lynch, John Waters, Rob Zombie and others) have appeared in Creative Screenwriting,, Monster Attack Team, The Huffington Post, Written By, Shock Cinema, and more. His story “Aeroplane Tonight” was featured in US and French anthologies. He has won various writing awards, optioned scripts and his screenplay, 18 Wheel Butterfly is currently in pre-production.

A scion of games from Donkey Kong to Dungeons & Dragons to Ultima and beyond, he was proud to write for John Romero’s Daikatana and Warren Spector’s award-winning Deus Ex. He later developed stories/characters for interactive companies in San Francisco and Los Angeles. As the writer for Square Enix/Dontnod’s Life Is Strange, he was hella humbled by the fan and critical response, with over 100 awards/nominations including the GDC 2016 Audience Award, the 2016 BAFTA Games Award for “Best Story” and the first Peabody Award to a video game for “Digital Storytelling.”