After he studied Film Production at Penn State University, Armin entered the field of animation in 1989. He worked as a line producer, assistant director and production manager before becoming active in the writing and development of animation projects eight years ago. To date he has written over fifty television scripts, and his credits include the international co-productions: "Norman Normal", "Nick & Perry", "Renada", "Ted Sieger’s Wildlife", "Dragons’ Rock" and "Lilly the Witch", as well as the award-winning series of Hans Christian Andersen adaptations, "The Fairytaler". Armin was also the head writer on Funky Cops, a mix of Starsky & Hutch and Saturday Night Fever now broadcast on Fox Network and MTV. Currently, Armin acts as writer and head writer on diverse animation series for Magma Films in Galway, Ireland, and also writes feature screenplays on spec.