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Screen Skills Ireland offer a comprehensive range of courses across three key areas which you can filter using the search options below.

Passport to Production Limerick: Film and TV Drama New Entrant Training Programme starting 25.03.2019

New entrants are increasingly required to possess competencies that reflect the ever changing dynamics of the work environment for the high end TV Drama space. The course will examine why this skill set is important in the film industry and how these skills are of growing importance across all industries. Industry feedback internationally and nationally

The Basics of ZBrush starting 26.03.2019

Screen Skills Ireland is delighted to be partnering with Animation Skillnet to run The Basics of ZBrush. Whether you are a 2D illustrator wanting to dabble in 3D or a 3D modeller who has never managed to add sculpting to your skill set this course aims to help. We will cover the basics of getting

Creative Leadership Masterclass: Getting Ideas Commissioned starting 29.03.2019

The course will provide attendees with an awareness of their creative strengths and weaknesses, to unleash personal ambition and entrepreneurship and the creative leadership tools to quickly build collaboration and persuade others to believe in your ideas as much as you do! Tried and tested at the BBC, this one day immersion into Creative Leadership,

Camera Trainee Workshop starting 02.04.2019

Camera Trainee Workshop will be run over three days at 24-7 Drama, Bray, Co.Wicklow from the 2nd-4th April 2019. This workshop aims to introduce, educate and prepare participants for an entry-level position as a camera trainee for work in Film and TV. Course tutor will be Cinematographer Ciaran Tanham ISC, Course supervisor will be John

Movie Magic Scheduling and Budgeting starting 06.04.2019

Participants will be taught the time-saving facilities of EP Movie Magic Budgeting and Movie Magic Scheduling, the industry’s most widely used scheduling and budgeting software. Scheduling This will enable them to compile their schedules in the most effective way and allow them to quickly, and confidently modify, their work when required. The training sessions will

Storyboarding with Storyboard Pro starting 11.04.2019

This two-day course will give an overview of the main features and how to use them for Toon Boom’s Storyboard Pro 6. Through talks, demonstrations and exercises, it will aim to facilitate the use of this program for storyboard artists working in both live action and animation to work from script up to an animatic

TV DEVELOPMENT: Steps to Creating TV Ideas That Stand Out – GALWAY starting 15.04.2019

Do you have TV ideas but don’t know where to start with developing them? How does a great idea get out of your head, and onto the box? What are the secrets to successful TV development? Colin Pauser-Cowman will deliver a two-day course on how to create, format and present TV ideas that stand out.

From South Park to Star Wars and the Future of Animation: In Conversation with Terrence Masson

Tutors: Terrence Masson Date: Monday, 8th April, 2019 Duration: 6pm – 8pm Venue: Dublin TBC Cost: €10 Course Profile: Screen Skills Ireland are delighted to be partnering with Animation Ireland and Animation Skillnet to host a discussion with Terrence Masson on Monday the 8th of April. Chair of the MFA Computer Arts department at the School of