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Screen Skills Ireland offer a comprehensive range of courses across three key areas which you can filter using the search options below.

TV DEVELOPMENT: Steps to Creating TV Ideas That Stand Out – DUBLIN starting 22.01.2019

Do you have TV ideas but don’t know where to start with developing them? How does a great idea get out of your head, and onto the box? What are the secrets to successful TV development? Colin Pauser-Cowman will deliver a two-day course on how to create, format and present TV ideas that stand out.

Time to Board? A Guide to Boards & Corporate Governance starting 24.01.2019

Are you leading an AV company? Are you wrestling with what direction to take your company in? Do you wish that you had trusted advisers to help you strategise the future of your company? Maybe the answer is to create a Board. The course aims to equip CEO’s/company owners in the AV sector with an

An Introduction to Creating High Quality Texturing for Games starting 26.01.2019

Graphic fidelity in video games is ever-changing. Console/PC performance budgets are getting larger, shaders are improving and as a result, the visuals of today’s video games are getting closer to reality. Aimed at participants interested in creating high quality texturing art for AAA games or movies, this 1 day workshop will introduce you to creating

Directing and Acting for Intimate Scenes starting 01.02.2019

Screen Skills Ireland in association with Bow Street Academy for Screen Acting is seeking participants for “Directing and Acting for Intimate Scenes”. Participants will form six groups of three with one director and two actors per group. Participants will be asked to bring a potential scene for workshopping during the course. There will also be

SyncOnSet – The Digital and Collaboration Tool for Film & TV Production starting 09.02.2019

SyncOnSet is a digital continuity and collaboration tool that helps streamline TV and Film production from prep to wrap. With SyncOnSet, your whole team can digitally manage script breakdowns, continuity photos, inventory, approvals, notes, and much more. Kevin Noonan, Account Development Executive, with SyncOnSet will deliver a number of courses over two days that will