Upcoming Courses & Events

Managing Mentoring Workshop 01.02.2020

In this workshop we look at mentoring, how to manage this as part of your overall role and how, if done effectively it can have a positive impact on individuals and the industry as a whole. Things that we will cover are: What is mentoring and the impact it has How mentoring looks in your

Leading Successful Teams 25.01.2020

This course is the second in a number of three workshops run for people working in the screen industry.  It is ideal for department heads, those managing people in the industry, and people who are about to step up to this role. In this module we look at creating a great team environment in which

Assistant Editing for Non-Fiction in Association with Irish Screen Editors 24.01.2020

In this course participants will gain a full insight into the role and responsibilities of the assistant editor. Areas covered include: Organising project and footage The difference between fiction and non-fiction assisting Expectations of performance from the assistant editor Preparation Ingest of rushes Logging and synching Treatment of non-standard archive Editing Sound work – Track

In The Writers Room III 20.01.2020

MICHAEL ZAM was co-creator, writer and co-producer on the FX miniseries, Feud: Bette & Joan, which was nominated for 18 Emmys, including two for Zam, which was based on his Black-Listed screenplay, Best Actress. Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon starred in the 2017 series. Other projects include Grace, a Limited Series at HBO, which will soon

BAME/Afro Hairstyling Workshop 19.01.2020

This one-day workshop, run in partnership with the Hairstylist Guild of Ireland and Image Skillnet, is the first in a suite of courses aimed at upskilling hairstylists working with BAME hair (Black Asian Minority and Ethnic), focusing on Afro Hair. The course will cover the following: Relevant health & safety requirements Understanding & knowledge of

Building Resilience and Time Management Skills 18.01.2020

This course is the first of three workshops run for people working in the screen industry. This course will focus on helping attendees manage their time and remain resilient in this fast-paced and ever-changing industry. We will give attendees tools and techniques that will help benefit themselves, and build on becoming successful leaders/managers. The course

Mapping the U.S. TV & Global Streaming Landscape 2019 10.12.2019

This one day course will include: Detailed look at both the established Global Streaming services (Netflix and Amazon Prime) as well as the major upcoming services arriving in the next year –  Disney+, Apple+, HBO Max, Hulu, Peacock, Quibi and their impact on US and European programming and the opportunities they present to Irish Writers

Market Ready Day 07.12.2019

Market Ready is an intensive day’s programme that will prime producers for being best prepared and therefore achieve maximum results from attending a market. Film markets are the ideal place to extend your network, present your slate and seek partners, whether they be sales companies, distributors, financiers or co-production partners. This programme will allow producers

Sales & Distribution for Filmmakers 06.12.2019

Sales & distribution is often an afterthought in the filmmaking process, while it should be part of the development process from the very start. The better you know your market and your audience, the earlier you start engaging them, the more likely will you connect with your audience and the market agents, who help you

Unconscious Bias in the Workplace 03.12.2019

Unconscious Bias in the Workplace is an introduction to the concept of unconscious bias – the mental shortcuts our brains take to help us make decisions quickly. The course is aimed at raising awareness of how unconscious biases work, and how they can negatively influence workplace hiring and promoting decisions. Areas covered include: Understand the