Past Courses

Acting for Camera 06.12.2018

Shimmy Marcus, Artistic Director at Bow Street Academy for Screen Acting will deliver a two-day Workshop on the internationally renowned Gerry Grennell Method for Screen Acting. Shimmy is a multi award winning filmmaker working in a variety of formats including Features, Shorts, TV, Documentary, Music Promos, and Commercials. He has been giving filmmaking and acting

Introduction to On-set Data Acquisition 04.12.2018

This one day course will introduce you to working on-set as a data acquisition artist. We’ll be covering the basics of using a DSLR camera for shooting on-set reference, the considerations you need to bear in mind before a VFX shoot. We’ll then get hands on with live demonstrations, covering shooting HDRIs, panoramas and photogrammetry

Introduction to Anatomy for 3D 03.12.2018

Course Profile; This introductory course will give you an overview of the importance of anatomy and demonstrate how it can improve your digital art. Whether you are looking to be a digital modeller, sculptor, rigger or animator, anatomy is the backbone for creating believable imagery. This one day course aims to demystify how you can

VIKINGS Production Workshop: Costume 01.12.2018

Screen Training Ireland in collaboration with VIKINGS will host Costume Dept: “The A to Z of Costume Design for high-end TV drama” Costume Design for large scale cast and extras. Management of budget and department. Sourcing, purchasing and hiring. Costume making and the workshop. Collaborating with other departments.

Film Festival Strategy: How to get the most out of festivals 30.11.2018

Around 4,000 film festivals are active worldwide every year and over 10,000 have run at least once in the past 15 years. Festivals, often combined with markets and Labs, are the key way to promote your work and can also act as a distribution system.  Understanding how to create and deliver an effective film festival

The Core Principles of Storytelling on the Screen 29.11.2018

Screen Training Ireland is seeking participants for “The Basic Principles of Storytelling on the Screen”. This course will provide guidance to writers and creatives on: The Shapes of Stories What Defines a Plot Twist and Why They Are Necessary Character at the Heart of The Screen Story Creating and Sustaining Dramatic Tension Putting the Audience’s

VIKINGS Production Workshop: Set Decoration & Production Buying 28.11.2018

Screen Training Ireland in collaboration with VIKINGS will host a workshop in: Set Decoration and Production Buying Outline the job of Set Decoration and the Production Buyer Script breakdowns and analysis Budgeting Role within Art Department Working with other departments Prop procurement and top tips!

TV Production Research Skills 26.11.2018

Areas covered will include: How to spot and tell a good story Professional TV research techniques Sources of information Interviewing skills How to write proposals and research briefs How to come up with and pitch ideas The basics of editorial policy and broadcast law Accuracy and double-checking information Copyright

Health & Safety Awareness for Film & TV Production 22.11.2018

The aim of the course is to provide participants with information and knowledge regarding general health and safety, and to alert them to their responsibilities and duties as agents of employers according to the Health and Safety Act 2005 as it relates to the film and television industry. On completion of this course participants will:

The Business of Development; Creative, Business and Legal Steps needed to take an idea from pre-script to screen 21.11.2018

How do you turn an idea, the germ of a story, into a short, feature, game or whatever platform works best for the story? Content is king, but if you fail to take proper steps to protect and secure your IP (Intellectual Property) a potentially  award-winning and successful idea can fail to see the light