ASSET programme

The_Asset_ProgrammeWhat is it?

ASSET (A Specialist Skills Enhancement and Training programme) is a flexible and bespoke training scheme led entirely by the individual participant. Candidates can apply for an individual training fund of up 70% of the cost of training, up to a maximum of €5,000, with which they can choose a range of training interventions in order to enhance their specialist skills within the VFX or animation pipeline, or in relation to design skills for production, including Art Department, Make-Up and Costume.

How does it work?

Candidates apply to Screen Training Ireland by filling out an ASSET application form – and including a CV/showreel/portfolio – which should include a proposal outlining how ASSET support will enable them to develop key specialisms in order for them to reach the next level in their career. Candidates should also place these goals within a wider industry context.

Participants will be selected by a panel of industry specialists in consultation with STI/IFB. Selected candidates may then either develop an individual training plan in consultation with STI/IFB and where relevant, their employer, or identify a specific training programme they wish to attend. Candidates will submit a budget for the training plan/programme, and STI will contribute up to 70% of the training cost. Individual training funds will be administered by STI through invoices and receipts.

In terms of structuring an individual training plan, candidates may choose a range of training options that best suit their needs and work schedule. They may choose to adopt a mentor; avail of local or international training; freelancers may avail of a local or international work placement in a studio or on a production; attend Screen Training Ireland or other local training courses; or avail of any combination of these training options. In addition, participants may wish to avail of currently available online training tools to further cement their knowledge.

Where possible, STI will support candidates by creating connections with local and international studios, productions and mentors, and will monitor candidate progress through feedback from mentors, trainers and studios in which candidates will avail of training. Freelance candidates can apply individually; alternatively, employers can nominate staff members to avail of the training fund.

Applicants in receipt of ASSET support will be ineligible for a general Screen Training Ireland Bursary for a period of 12 months, as per the criteria and conditions of the Bursary Scheme.

What does the ASSET Programme hope to achieve?

The ASSET Programme aims to develop and enhance design skills in VFX, animation and physical production by focusing on developing the core specialist skills critical to these sectors. The programme aims to support talented and driven artists working in studios or as freelancers to develop their skills to the highest industry standards in the key artistic and technical disciplines that underpin the sector. Furthermore, the initiative aims to ensure that those selected for support become key assets to their companies and the wider industry. By supporting the development of these core skills, it is hoped that the ASSET initiative can set a strong foundation for the development of the industry as a whole.

What skills will the programme focus on?

In relation to animation and VFX, the programme will focus primarily on identified skills gaps that have been highlighted in consultation with the animation and VFX industry. Some key specialist skills demand identified as part of Screen Training Ireland’s Sector Skills Survey include Lighting, Rigging, Texturing, Modelling, Rotoscoping, Matchmoving, Compositing, Dynamic Simulation, and general enhanced software skills in packages such as Maya, Nuke, and Houdini. In some cases the programme will support skills development in the games industry where they converge with animation and VFX skills needs.

In relation to production skills, the programme will focus on a range of specialist design skills across Art Department, Make-Up and Costume, with a focus on technology. These specialist skills may include 3D modelling and set building; technologies and processes such as 3D printing and scanning; software packages such as ZBrush, Photoshop, Sketch-Up and Rhino; and enhancement of collaborative work practices across digital and physical design departments.

Screen Training Ireland welcomes ongoing consultation with local industry to ensure that the ASSET programme evolves to best address the most up to date and critical specialist sectoral skills needs.

Who is it for?

The ASSET Programme will target individuals at all levels from trainees to HODs in the VFX/animation/games/physical production sectors. Candidates should have a minimum of one year’s experience in the industry. Candidates may be freelancers who apply individually, or studio staff who are nominated by a company.

At the end of the training period participants should be able to:
– Seamlessly slot in to digital and/or physical production workflows
– Work easily with file management systems, and asset management & collaboration tools
– Have a full understanding of their role and how it fits into the animation/VFX/production ecosystem.
– Work with confidence and to a high professional level in industry-standard software packages
– Understand the context of that work within the studio environment
– Carry out specialist duties efficiently and to a high standard within a team of artists
– Communicate effectively with all technical, artistic and management colleagues
– Work to tight deadlines
– Understand the requirements of production.
– Understand and evaluate industry career paths and opportunities.

Successful candidates will be required to provide Screen Training Ireland with an interim and final report in relation to the implementation of their training plan and training outcomes. In addition, upon completion of the training, candidates will endeavour to in turn provide mentoring to new entrants in their specialist fields.

How can I apply?

Candidates/companies can obtain an application form or find out more about the programme and application details, by contacting Screen Training Ireland – email, or phone (01) 6775301.

Application Form

Download the ASSET application form