Screen Directors Guild

 Screen Directors Guild of Ireland (SDGI) is the representative body for Directors involved in the Irish and international audiovisual industry. These include Directors of feature films, fiction, animation documentary, television drama, short films, video art and commercials.

On behalf of its members, SDGI seeks to improve the working environment for directors which boosts productivity in the industry. SDGI represents the views of its members to relevant bodies in the audiovisual industry on a number of issues effecting directors and the independent film, television and animation sector.

The Screen Directors Guild of Ireland is a member of the European Federation of Directors Organisations (FERA), The International Federation of Directors Organisations (IFDO) and is affiliated to the International Affiliation of English Speaking Directors Organisations (IAESDO). SDGI receive funding from the Irish Film Board and the Arts Council.
T: +353 1 6337433