Brendan Condren on Stunt Rigging AP8 course

Friday, May 27th, 2016

Brendan Condren, Stunt Drive Ireland recently received a bursary to attend a Stunt Rigging AP8 course at Stunt and Wireworks Haeger Limited, Berlin.  Read more about Brendan’s experience.

“I was lucky to receive a bursary from Screen Training Ireland to attend  Level 1 & 2 Stunt Rigging AP8 Course . The course was held in Stunt & Wireworks Haeger Ltd, Berlin. It was a two week course run from 11th to 22nd April 2016.

The course is run by Keir Beck & Ralf Haeger. Keir Beck is known for his work on MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (2015), SAN ANDREAS (2015) and CASINO ROYALE (2006).
 Keir has become world known for his work in the film industry. Beck has recently been awarded the prestigious SAG award for Best Stunt Ensemble and 3 Taurus nominations for Best Stunt Coordinator, Best Rigging and Best Specialty Stunt for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and a BAFTA for recognized work in the film industry and MAD MAX: FURY ROAD.

Ralf Haeger is known for his work on POINT BREAK (2016), THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY – Part 1 (2014) to name a few. A prolific Stunt Coordinator and rigger Ralf was nominated for a Taurus award for his work on POINT BREAK.

This course is perhaps the only course of it’s kind currently offered to Stunt Professionals worldwide. It is Film and Entertainment Industry specific and broken into three structures. It’s quite apparent that this course has been meticulously thought out with regard to content, facilities and delivery. We received a comprehensive course manual with a mission statement, course requirements, aim and scope with which to begin the course. It is a treasure trove of information not easily attained and the by-product of years of real world experience. 
The course is held in a purposed facility with access to an abundance of Rigging Equipment.
 There were also organized modules with specialists Hannes Seiberth, Knut Foppe amongst others, with regard to new technologies in Rigging and Rescue.

Not least amongst our lessons in technical rigging, every conversation (whether in the classroom, on the floor or in the air) was a lesson in development and the tutors were finely articulate in their delivery. We were encouraged to ask questions as often as we needed within a safe environment.

Considering the course objectives at the beginning of the two weeks, each and every objective was put into practical management.

In Addition to our Course manuals, we were facilitated further with samples of data collection and report methods i.e. SWMSSafe Work Method Statement, Daily Report, Toolbox Talk, Ratchet Data and given the tools needed to make professional reports for our own work on our return.

Drawing on a vast knowledge base there were many from the International Stunt Community, Professionals from a Rope Access background and also Special FX. All participants were eager to glean as much knowledge as they could absorb within the two weeks, which made for a very focused and concentrated group of people.”

Brendan Condren Stunt Performer, Coordinator, Stunt Rigger.