Transatlantic Partners 2017

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

Rachel O’Kane, producer, Tilted Pictures, recently received a bursary to attend the Transatlantic Partners 2017.Read more about her experience on the programme. “Transatlantic Partners is an excellent training and networking programme for experienced film and TV producers from Europe, Canada and the US. Founded in 2009 by Jan Miller, TAP is the only programme that is dedicated to transatlantic co-production. Participants bring a project (either TV or Film) on the course and in the two workshops they get feedback on their projects and hands on training from resource trainers. Participants also get the opportunity to participate at the Atlantic Film Festival’s Strategic Partners, an international co-production market in Halifax. “In spring 2017 I applied for Transatlantic Partners after meeting with Jan Miller, the course director. I thought the course looked excellent and knew some of the past participants and after meeting with Jan (a warm and charismatic woman) I knew I had to do it. Once I was selected I got in touch with Emer McAvin from Screen Training Ireland and made a bursary application. Luckily my application was successful and I was given support to do TAP. “The first module was four days in Berlin from the 20th – 24th of June.  The first workshop was focused on financing in Europe, Canada and the US and case studies on TV and film co-productions. Every day the participants would introduce themselves, pitch their projects to the whole group and receive feedback from the TV/Film experts. “I was very impressed from day one with TAP not only with the calibre of the team organising but the calibre of resources trainers, experts and most of all participants. The experience in the room was fantastic. When the pitches began I was blown away by the great stories. “Although most of my experience is with film I chose to bring a TV series called GROSSE ISLE onto TAP. It was a project that a writer called Ger Gleeson had pitched to me.  It is a very organic co-production with Canada as it is set around a real-life quarantine island off the coast of Canada called Grosse Isle.  TV is a different beast and I learnt a lot in the first workshop. “The second three-day workshop was in Halifax in Canada. There was two days of meetings at the international co-production market Strategic Partners. “This workshop focused on sales, distribution and project packaging and there were amazing case studies given by industry experts. Participants pitched funding opportunities when co-producing with their country. In Strategic Partners (SP) there were scheduled meetings, buzz sessions and panel discussions. I had great meetings at SP and I am progressing a number of projects as a result of those meetings. Also I am progressing projects with some of the participants on TAP. I’m excited by the prospect of working with these great producers and look forward to seeing the wonderful stories that they go on to tell on the big and small screen. I highly recommend TAP to Irish producers who are working in TV and Film and want to co-produce with Europe, Canada and the US and I am very grateful to Screen Training Ireland for the support they gave me to do TAP.” Photo: TAP Programme Participants 2017