Screen Training Ireland and VIKINGS drama series partner to develop director talent in Ireland

Friday, November 9th, 2018

Screen Training Ireland and the global hit TV series VIKINGS are collaborating to develop talent among Irish directors.

Four candidates have been chosen to ‘shadow direct’ for a day each on VIKINGS. They are Terry McMahon (Patrick’s Day, Charlie Casanova), Geraldine Creed (Want, Chaos), Brendan Muldowney (Pilgrimage, Love Eternal) and Bonnie Dempsey (The Girl at the End of the Garden, All in Good Time).

“Screen Training Ireland are delighted to be working with the incredibly successful Vikings series to broaden and develop the skills of these talented directors,” said Neil Murphy, Business, Bursaries & Festivals/Events Coordinator at Screen Training Ireland.​

According to VIKINGS “We are delighted to collaborate with Screen Training Ireland on the upcoming workshops and this shadow director scheme.”