Dublin Editors Animation Event

Friday, April 13th, 2018

Screen Training Ireland is delighted to support Dublin Editors in association with Animation Skillnet and Brown Bag Studios on a  special animation editing event this Saturday. The focus of the event will be the workflow and processes involved in animation editing and the guests are David Burrows ACE (LEGO MOVIE, LEGO BATMAN); and Sim Evan-Jones ACE (EARLY MAN, SHREK, SHAUN THE SHEEP).

Sim and David have a wealth of experience in animation extending many years. Both have numerous award nominations and wins to their name, and the animation movies they’ve edited have also garnered many awards, including an Oscar for SHREK and Oscar nominations for THE LEGO MOVIE, SHAUN THE SHEEP and SHREK II. Dublin Editors will  discuss various approaches to editing animation, as well as the similarities and differences between editing animation and live -action.