BAME/Afro Hairstyling Workshop with the Hair Guild and Image Skillnet

Friday, January 24th, 2020

Screen Skills Ireland was delighted to support a BAME/Afro Hairstyling Workshop, aimed at providing hair stylists working in the screen industry with the core knowledge and skills to work with afro-textured hair. It represented the first collaboration between SSI, the Hairstylist Guild of Ireland, and Image Skillnet, and was designed to address a skills gap in the industry.

The workshop was facilitated by hair styling expert Charity, who has run an afro hairdressing and wig business in Moore Street for over 20 years. She guided participants on the essential skills required for styling afro hair, including health & safety requirements, key products and tools, various hairstyles, and basic etiquette. She also gave demos to the course participants on heat styling, plaits, cornrows, and extensions.

Screen Skills Ireland is hugely grateful to all who worked to make this workshop such a success, including Marion O’Toole and the Hair Guild for organising it, Charity for sharing her invaluable knowledge, and Grafton Barbers for providing an excellent venue.

This workshop was the first in a suite of courses aimed at upskilling hairstylists working with BAME hair, with further workshops anticipated this year. Hairdressers from all backgrounds are encouraged to check the Screen Skills Ireland website for upcoming courses and to contact the Hair Guild if you are interested in pursuing a career as a hairdresser in the Irish screen sector.