Asset Deadline Extended!

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

ASSET training fund is aimed at specialist design skills for digital and physical production.

ASSET is a flexible and bespoke training initiative led entirely by the individual participant. The scheme is targeted at design skills for digital and physical production with particular emphasis on specialist technology and design skills, including software training and cutting edge international industry practice.
The scheme is targeted at design professionals at all levels, from senior artists and HODs to new entrants, and aims to support the development of key talent at all levels in the following areas:

  • VFX
  • Animation
  • Art Department
  • Costume
  • Hair/Make-Up

Candidates can apply for an individual training fund of up 70% of the cost of training, up to a maximum of €5,000, with which they can choose a range of training interventions in order to enhance their specialist skills. The fund may be used for any of the following:

Mentoring: ASSET funding may be utilised to pay a mentor, and support the cost of travelling overseas for mentoring sessions
Peer to Peer Learning: ASSET funding may be used to cover the expenses of international networking in order to facilitate peer to peer learning.
Online training: ASSET funding may be put towards online training, for example Animation Mentor, Gnomon, Digital Tutors, FXPHD, etc.
Work placement: ASSET funding may be used to support the candidate during unpaid periods of shadowing or work placement either locally or internationally
International training: ASSET funding may be used to pay the costs of high level international training otherwise unavailable in Ireland, and included one-to-one bespoke training
Local training: ASSET funding may be put towards the cost of appropriate local training offered by any local training providers, including but not limited to Screen Training Ireland.

If you would like to discuss your ideas for personalised training and development, or find out if your specific skills needs might be eligible for ASSET support, please contact Ph: (01) 6775301.
You can find out more about the ASSET initiative and download an application form here

Deadline for applications: Friday 30th January 2016.