APostLab Annual Workshop Deadline Extended to the 18th September

Wednesday, September 12th, 2018

Amsterdam-based APostLab provides training programs focusing on post-production management of internationally co-produced feature-length films, targeting producers and post-production supervisors. Their annual workshop deadline has now been extended to the 18th September.

Its primary mission is to make producers more aware of the post-production requirements of their projects, and bring producers and post-supervisors together to help them gain a better understanding of each others’ professional concerns.

Group leaders on the 9th annual workshop will be Joost de Vries, seasoned producer and Managing Director of APostLab, who will team up with Hans van Helden, Director Post Production International Originals EMEA at Netflix, and Roshanak Behesht Nedjad, experienced producer & EAVE tutor who will team up with freelance post production supervisor Niko Remus, Head of Studies for APostLab.

As one of the workshop’s goal is to make post production accessible and understandable for those who don’t deal with it on a daily basis, they have selected a group of experts which includes:

  • Dennis Kleyn, VFX Supervisor, The Netherlands
  • Viola Fügen, Producer, Match Factory Productions – Germany
  • Peter Albrechtsen, Sound Designer – Denmark
  • Laurence Kaye, Music Expert – UK
  • Juan Galva, Colorist & Trainer at Up.Grade – Germany
  • Neeltje van der Heijden, Post Production Supervisor – The Netherlands
  • Kartriel Schory, Producer and Executive Director of the Israel Film Fund – Israel
  • Nevina Satta, Sardegna Film Commission – Italy

The 9th APostLab annual workshop will be organized in Sardinia, Italy between the 8th and 13th November 2018, with the support of Creative Europe MEDIA, and the Sardegna Film Commission.

Producers with a project in development, financing, or pre-production, and post-production supervisors can submit their application at www.apostlab.com/annual by the 18th of September.