Animation Skillnet Announce Evening Course Schedule

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Animation Skillnet have just announced a range of really interesting evening courses and workshops scheduled to take place during September and October.  Each course will take place over five consecutive evenings.

The courses include An Introduction to 3 D Maya, An Introduction to Toonboon Harmony with a focus on rigging, Production Management for Animation and Introduction to Shotgun.

An Introduction to 3D with Maya commencing 19th of September (5 Monday evenings)

This introductory course is aimed at the avid beginner, who has is keen on developing their 3D skills. Pre-existing, fundamental knowledge of the 3D production process and basic Photoshop skills are required. Read More

An Introduction to Toonboon Harmony commencing on the 20th of September (5 Tuesday evenings)

This course will offer an introduction to Toonboom Harmony with an in depth look at how a rig is built and the basics of the animation tools. Read More

Production Management for Animation commencing on the 21st of September (5 Wednesday evenings)

The course will cover all aspects of a 2D animation pipeline from script to screen. Whether you are looking for tips on how to manage a small-scale short film, or are interested in pursuing a career in production management, this course is an excellent starting point. Read More

An Introduction to Shotgun commencing 29th of September (5 Thursday evenings)

This course will show participants how to set up Shotgun and how to navigate its interface to create, track and organise project entities. Various features of the software will be looked at – including scheduling and assigning tasks, reviewing media, the Shotgun Desktop app and Shotgun Toolkit. Read More

Animation Skillnet provides subsidised training solutions to the animation, games and VFX sectors in Ireland.  The courses are aimed at Animation Skillnet member companies and freelancers working in the sector.

For further information or to make an application please email or visit the website