Rich and Invaluable experience gained with Master Craftsman Michel Nadaï

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Rhonwen Hayes, Charghand Painter received a bursary to attend an intensive masterclass in wood graining and marbling with master craftsman Michel Nadaï.  Read more about Rhowen’s  experience and the skills and techniques she picked up during her time in France.

“Less than one week on and I am still boring everyone with my gushing enthusiasm after an extraordinary five days of painting with a master craftsman in France. It was a rich and invaluable experience. When it was mentioned that I might qualify for this bursary I was astounded. I have spent many years painting and it felt somewhat indulgent of me to seek out a course of such merit that was situated in the South West of France. I quietly wondered at the validity of traveling this far.”

“I couldn’t have been more wrong. The worth of learning the craft of wood graining and marbling from the renowned Michel Nadaï (Master Craftsman of Decorative Arts in France) has been truly beyond measure for me. His vast knowledge of traditional skills and materials was astounding alongside his ability to break down this knowledge and transfer it into practical demonstration every day was both a relief and inspirational.

“Our class consisted of two students from 8:00am – 6pm each day. We learnt how to paint two different types of wood (oak and mahogany) and three marbles (sienna, white and portar). We practiced technique all morning and made our one and only serious attempt of a finished piece in the afternoon. Attention to detail was paramount. As a painter I am confident in my ability to copy and mimic, but Michel challenged us to concentrate on technique alone, using unfamiliar brushes and unpredictable wrist movements. It was grueling, challenging and hugely rewarding.
“I have come home with the gift of being able to dissect and read complex panels of decorative painting. It is my sincere hope that with practice I too will be able to produce work of a similar standard and transfer these skills to others in the fast paced world of film.”

My sincere thanks to Troy Studios and Screen Training Ireland for making this possible.