VFX: Script to Screen

Programme Details and Schedule

The programme takes place over two main residential modules

“The course completely immersed me in the world of VFX, covering every aspect, to give me a knowledge base and the confidence to make decisions as a director which will be invaluable in the future.”Brendan Muldowney, Director, Ireland

VFX: Script to Screen equips producers, directors and creatives with the tools to make artistic, budgetary and technical decisions in relation to VFX, and provides a “big picture” understanding of how VFX impacts on various aspects of prep, production and post.

Through a dedicated VFX Budgeting and Scheduling day, the experience of a live VFX shoot, a fully immersive day in a VFX studio, case studies, lectures, group round table discussions and one-to-one VFX Clinics, the programme will provide participants with a broad overview of managing projects with VFX elements at all budget levels. The programme will:

  • Identify different VFX requirements for diverse projects and budget levels
  • Discuss budgeting and scheduling for VFX
  • Identify the team you need to build for VFX projects
  • Explore the planning, visual structure, storyboarding and pre-visualisation of a project
  • Explore the requirements of shooting VFX and on-set VFX issues
  • Enhance understanding of key VFX post-production processes
  • Enhance understanding of the interaction between VFX, games, and transmedia content

VFX: Script to Screen aims to create a pool of flexible professionals, highly versed in VFX technology and terminology, and fully familiar with its development and production processes.

Participant Profile

VFX: Script to Screen is aimed primarily at producers and directors who wish to gain the skills to produce and manage a VFX project from development to post-production.  Key creatives such as cinematographers, editors, post-production supervisors and production designers may also attend. Participants may apply with or without a project; the programme includes several scheduled VFX Clinics during which participants can discuss VFX elements and issues in their projects with VFX Supervisors and VFX Producers.

“This workshop is brilliant. Extremely well organised, excellent tutors and case studies. A great way to immerse yourself in the world of VFX.” Catharina Schreckenberg, Producer, Germany


The full list of previous speakers can be found here

Fee (includes subsistence and course fee, does not include flight costs):

€1,400 per participant (€700 per module).

Producers interested in attending the Budgeting and Scheduling day only can do so at a cost of €150.


This module focuses on the creative and practical development of a VFX project, including budget considerations.  The opening day will explore script breakdown, budgeting, and scheduling of VFX projects through case studies, presentations, and round table discussion. The following three days will explore creative, practical and technical issues surrounding VFX in development and on-set, focusing on: identifying VFX requirements; exploring narrative and visual development in relation to VFX; identifying roles and responsibilities; and discussing the interaction between key creatives on a VFX project. This part of the module includes a live VFX shoot with Director, VFX Supervisor and crew. The module will include masterclasses and project-based VFX Clinics.  This part of the module includes a live VFX shoot with VFX Supervisor and crew.


This module enables participants to understand the VFX post production process and project management requirements, including budgeting, scheduling, understanding core VFX processes, understanding how the VFX studio works in terms of pipeline and workflow, VFX editing, and how VFX interacts with editorial. The module includes an immersive day in a VFX studio, and further VFX Clinics for participants with projects.