Programme Endorsements

 “Screen Leaders meant a lot for our company as well as our personal development. The most important thing was that we were forced to face our weaknesses; both those we knew of and those we needed to hear. With the help from the experts in the program we understood more clearly what had to be done structurally, economically and in terms of content, to make our company more stable. Even after the sessions with Screen Leaders were over we received tutorial help. We feel more secure now than ever about what to focus on.”
Mimmi Spång and Rebecka Lafrenz, Garagefilm International AB

“Screen Leaders is the best investment you can make in your company’s health. It’s like putting both the company and yourselves into a lab for a thorough check up, while supporting you to identify and execute the necessary changes to build the strategic steps towards your goals. Just do it.”

Moe Honan, Moetion Films

 “Screen Leaders is a challenging yet hugely rewarding course. It provided the business guidance we needed to expand our company and move it in the right direction. Crucially, we were supported by a team and mentors who wanted us to succeed.”
Lindsay Campbell, Underground Films
“When we applied to the programme our key objective was to create a business model of a company that splits its activities in creating own IP and providing production services for film and TV companies.  Once the Screen Leaders started, emphasis was on who are the people behind, rather than what they want to achieve. In our case there were inconsistencies with personal aspirations and what we ‘thought’ we need to achieve, before we can fulfil those aspirations. Thanks to Screen Leaders programme and especially the tutors we have understood that you should start with your personal aspirations and build on that your vision. Later together with the tutors we created a strategy and work on the necessary steps to achieve it. Now this plan works as a lighthouse in the dark waters!”
Lukas Trimonis, InScript
 “Screen Leaders was a true journey for us. We started it with clear aims in mind to reshape the structure of the company and focus on the goals. We got much more than expected – we got to know each other much better and we learned a lot about ourselves – our personal goals, skills and how these fit in the company profile. It reassured us that we are on the right track when it comes to the Alphapanda future.  We would strongly recommend the program to people in our industry that face an important change within their company and feel the need to define the development in the future”.
Joanna Solecka, Head of Alphapanda

“The Screen Leaders course was exactly what our company needed. Running a small production company, it’s difficult to stand back and get perspective on what we’re trying to do, what we’re good at, what’s working, what we need to concentrate on and where we’re wasting our energy. With our tutors, we clarified and set agendas for projects on our slate. Our business has moved forward already as a result of the coaching we received. It was a privilege to receive expert guidance from Screen Leaders on how to improve our business.”

Annie Griffin, Director, Pirate Productions

“Gary and I had been talking about doing Screen Leaders for the best part of a decade so when we finally bit the bullet in 2016 we were fully committed to embracing new ideas, processes and attitudes toward how the business was run. Easier said than done! We had a lot of ingrained working habits that we identified needed a mind-shift in order for the business to streamline and truly excel in the areas where we felt there was real potential for our activities to thrive. Over the half-year we engaged in the program, we realised we had intuitively begun certain processes and having these identified and supported by the Screen Leaders tutors and experts gave us perspective and encouragement to continue and to document and measure our progress. We were also exposed to completely fresh ways of viewing and interpreting the business and having the shared experience of the nine other participant companies made the whole process very collaborative and fostered a real sense of comradeship. At the outset, six months felt like a long commitment of our time, but when we finished in November we felt as if we were just getting started. Screen Leaders has given us a fresh approach and methodology to how we view both the business and our roles within it. I would strongly recommend the program to any creative business who, like us, just needed a nudge in the right direction to reconnect with our goals and sharpen our offering. Screen Leaders has helped Gary and I find a clear, distinctive voice for Kavaleer and a defined strategy to make our goals a reality.”

Andrew Kavanagh, CEO/Founder, Kavaleer

“Screen Leaders proved to be a perfect combination of theory and practical advice with a concrete implementation structure so you get to see real benefits from what you learn on the course. The opportunity to network with industry leaders was also extremely beneficial and has helped us establish new partnerships and open new markets. I can’t recommend Screen Leaders highly enough for providing critical advice, feedback, and ongoing support in the development of our company.”

Shimmy Marcus, Creative Director, Bow Street

“After many years of procrastinating, we finally got round to doing this great course. It was the right time for the company and we have benefitted greatly from the expertise, insight and the very hands-on guidance in drawing up a strategic path forward. The results have been both immediate and, I hope, long lasting.”

Rebecca O’Flanagan, Company Director, Treasure Entertainment

“We found the course extremely focused and tailored very specifically to our industry. It was very helpful to be coached by and hear case studies with very experienced people from Ireland and Europe who really understand the complexities and nuances of our business. The course got us from theory into action mode from the very start.”

Dave Quinn, CEO, Windmill Lane Pictures Ltd

“Treehouse Republic has now become a clearly distinguishable, focused animation company, with a complete understanding and respect for who we are and what we do. This has been largely due to the training and support of the Screen Leaders course.”

Stephen Fagan, CEO Treehouse Republic

“This year will see Blacknorth invest in core IP products while maintaining a strong service arm. Screen Leaders was instrumental in helping Blacknorth reach this commercial and creative equilibrium.”

Evelyn McGrath, Kris Kelly, Directors, Blacknorth

“Participating in Screen Leaders was the first time we as a company brought proper planning into our business. Screen Leaders is a mini MBA for the business of TV and Film.”

Larry Bass, CEO of Screentime ShinAwiL

“The importance of a course like Screen Leaders is that it provides you with the valuable opportunity to step back from working in projects to working on the business. It has played an important role in the development of Brown Bag Films and I hugely encourage content companies to participate in this extraordinary learning experience.”

Cathal Gaffney, Managing Director BBF, COO 9 Story Group