Screen Mentoring Scheme

The Screen Skills Ireland Screen Mentoring Scheme is an initiative that offers professionals at all levels and in all disciplines an opportunity to avail of mentoring supports or to engage a mentor at key stages in their professional development.

The mentor or mentoring arrangement can be local or international and the mentoring can take a number of forms, from a defined number of consultations/calls over a certain period, to international work placement, to shadowing or face-to-face career clinics.

Mentoring can work in different ways, depending on the up-skilling requirements, structure, and focus. Applicants may consider the following:

  • Business Mentoring (emerging or mid-career producers/business owners): A number of meetings/consultations over a defined period with a business leader.
  • Creative Mentoring: Different mentoring interventions based on mentee needs and mentor availability, e.g. consultation; portfolio/showreel evaluation and feedback; shadowing; international work placement.
  • Technical mentoring: Focused mentoring to enhance specific technical skills, e.g. shadowing; international work placement; one-to-one tuition.

There will be one mentee call in 2021 to support 25 mentees to access mentor support. The deadline for the current mentee call is 5pm on Friday 28 May 2021. If you are interested in accessing mentoring supports, please visit the Screen Mentoring website for more information.