Bursary Awards Funding Scheme

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Please note: Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, we will only consider online course application for the foreseeable future. If successful, the application will be funded up to the cost of the exact course fee only.


Screen Skills Ireland offers Bursary Awards to assist Irish industry professionals from the screen sector to enhance their career through international skills development and during the current crisis through international online opportunities for skills development.

Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, we will only consider online course applications for the foreseeable future.

If successful, the application will be funded up to the cost of the exact course fee only (up to a maximum course fee of €5,000).

The Bursary Awards Funding Scheme is open all year round.

What does the Bursary Award cover?

When the necessary skills development opportunities are not available physically in Ireland, the Bursary Award allows bursary recipients to participate in international or currently online international skills development programmes, workshops and structured work programmes to assist their professional development.

The purpose of the scheme is to expose industry practitioners to the best skills development expertise and work situations internationally and, during the current crisis, online. In all cases bursaries are awarded to ensure professional development and skill enhancement in line with international work standards and best practice.

Screen Skills Ireland offers three types of bursaries to applicants:

  • Funding to attend full time courses and workshops abroad.
  • Funding to participate in a structured work programme within international companies and organisations. The work programme can be designed by the individual to specifically match their skills development needs.
  • Funding to participate in a substantial online skills development programme (as an interim measure during the current crisis).

Application Process

Professionals interested in applying for a Screen Skills Ireland Bursary Award should fill in the online application form, attaching an up to date CV, two industry references, a letter of acceptance from the programme providers and a full outline of the programme (included as word doc or PDF).

The Screen Skills Ireland Funding Schemes panel will meet monthly to assess Bursary Award applications. The panel select applicants and the level of award, based on the outlined criteria.

Diversity and Equality will be factored in to the selection process.




The Screen Skills Ireland Bursary Award Scheme is for industry professionals working in the Irish film, television, animation and related sectors with a minimum of three year’s full-time experience relevant to the job area of the applicant.

For screen writing bursaries, applicants with one year’s experience will be considered if they have obtained development funding from Fís Eireann/Screen Ireland, the MEDIA Programme, or a national broadcaster for a feature length film script or a television series.

This award scheme is for a skills development programme or a work programme/placement relevant to the applicant’s area of work only. In cases where an applicant is planning a career transition within the industry, the application must clearly demonstrate the applicant’s commitment to the planned career change.

Due to limited resources, the application process is competitive. Benefit to the Irish Film, Television, Animation and related sectors must accrue from the applicants’ participation on the programme.

Applicants may apply for a bursary pending acceptance on a programme but will only be able to draw down the bursary on presentation of proof of acceptance, payment of course fee and submission of relevant receipts (travel and accommodation).

Diversity and Equality will be factored into the selection process.

Qualifying Skills Development Opportunities:

Awards are for skills development opportunities only. Individuals will not be supported to return to full-time education, including short term or part-time academic programmes or courses, for example, Masters, Degrees or Diplomas.

Bursaries will not be awarded for one day seminars, conferences, or attendance at Film Festivals/Markets. Awards are for international skills development opportunities or substantial online programmes only, except for a work placement which may form part of a Screen Skills Ireland programme.


The Screen Skills Ireland Funding Schemes panel will make the final decision on all applications according to the scheme criteria and conditions.

This will include an assessment of the following:

  • Benefit of the skills development opportunity to the industry.
  • Relevance of skills development opportunity to applicant’s professional development and immediate up- skilling requirements.
  • Linkage of programme to applicant’s long-term goals, including relevant cross-skilling needs.
  • Commitment and motivation of applicant to continuous development in the screen industries.

All applicants must submit the following supporting documentation with their individual application:

  • A current CV with relevant career history in the industry. (Please note it is essential to your application that your CV is up to date.)
  • Full details of the proposed skills development programme including the structure of the programme, online programme or work programme for which the funding is being sought (as a word document or PDF).
  • Evidence of acceptance on the skills development programme or work programme (applications will be considered pending acceptance onto programme).
  • Two written and signed references from relevant industry professionals, including full contact details of each.
  • Information regarding applications for any other funding, including responses received.

Where the application is for a work programme or placement, the applicant must provide a proposal which includes the following:

  • Detailed objectives of work programme/placement
  • A proposed schedule for work programme/placement
  • Biographies of the host tutor, mentor and profile of company if applicable
  • A detailed budget breakdown for the programme/placement
  • Expected achievements and outcomes from the programme/placement
  • Letter of commitment from placement provider.


  • Deadline for Bursary Applications is the final Friday of each month.
  • Retrospective applications will not be accepted.
  • Only one bursary will be awarded per person in a 12-month period.
  • Any effort to influence a panel member will immediately disqualify.
  • Awards will be made to a maximum of €5,000. In exceptional circumstances the upper limit may be reviewed at the discretion of the Screen Skills Ireland Funding Schemes panel.
  • Applicants must provide details of all applications to other potential funding sources and outcomes. Failure to do so may result in the withdrawal of support.
  • Receipts for course fees and related expenses (travel and accommodation) must be provided in order to draw down a bursary. Only receipts relating to expenses for course fees, travel and accommodation are eligible. See payments for further details.
  • All successful applicants must provide a Reflection Piece  on completion of the programme that may be posted on the Screen Skills Ireland website and social media channels (if the Bursary Recipient agrees to this).
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered. Incorrect information may lead to delays in processing of applications.
  • Screen Skills Ireland reserves the right to suspend or cancel the award where, in its view, a successful applicant is not meeting the required commitment for the skills/work programme. Where necessary, award recipients will be required to provide information on their progress.
  • Screen Skills Ireland reserves the right to revise the amount awarded where it is satisfied that incorrect information has been provided.
  • Applicants must submit a Reflective Piece up to 12 weeks after the finish date of programme for final drawdown.
  • Currently, successful applications will be funded up to the cost of the exact course fee only (up to a maximum course fee of €5,000).

Deadlines & Details

Applications must be submitted a minimum of six weeks prior to commencement of the programme.

Applicants will be notified of decisions up to six weeks from the receipt of their application. Screen Skills Ireland recommends applicants should apply as soon as they are aware of a skills development opportunity to ensure a timely response. All applicants will be notified of the decision on their application by letter or email.

Award Payments

Once successful applicants to the scheme are notified, Screen Skills Ireland will begin to process the award payments.

Below are the details of the payment process:

  • The award will be paid on an instalment basis and will consist of two to three instalments depending on the length and type of the programme.
  • The first instalment will be paid up to 30 days from notification to the bursary recipient of the panel’s decision. In some cases, further documentation (e.g. references) may be required from a successful applicant and as such, payment will not be processed until any requested documentation has been received.
  • The final instalment (25% of the award amount) will be paid once the following have been received:
  • A Reflection Piece on the skills development course or online course or work programme from the applicant (a template will be provided); and
  • Evidence of satisfactory completion of the skills development course or online course or work programme from the skills development organisation/company.
  • Receipts for programme fees and related expenses (travel, accommodation) along with an invoice must be provided in order to draw down a bursary. Only receipts relating to expenses for the course fee, travel and accommodation are eligible.

More Information

For further information on the Bursary Award Funding Scheme please contact:

E: Neil.Murphy@screenskillsireland.ie

T: +353 1 679 8040

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