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Writing a Webseries (Online)

Tutors: Eilish Kent

Date: Monday, April 6th, 2020

Duration: 4 weeks

Venue: Online

Cost: €0

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Creating a web series is a great way to get noticed as a creator and writer of episodic series. Webisodes are short and relatively fast to write.

This course will take you through the development and writing of a web series over four weeks.

The first three weeks will consist of a daily 40 minute online class, Monday to Thursday. You will be given screening (viewing) and writing homework.

You will be asked to pitch your idea for a series to the group ongoing as part of the development of your project.

In the final week you will have a one to one online session with your tutor to give you feedback on your scripts in addition to two online group seminars.

Week 1: Consider What Works Well For Who

What is a web series, how to garner attention and win audience. Demographic targeting.

Working within the format and resources (low or no budget).

World of the series, tone, genre & concept.

Identifying good ideas with series legs for online consumption.

Week 2: Identify The Elements Of Online Series


Testing your idea – pitching to the group.

Reworking the idea to generate more heat.

Character story arcs.

Week 3: Hone Your Writing Skills For Online

Story hooks, reveals & episodic bites

Scene writing

Dialogue writing

Testing your idea again – doing something distinctive.

Week 4: Write The First Two Webisodes & Get Feedback

Individual one to one online feedback from the tutor on your scripts as they are developing.

Online group tutorial Monday & Tuesday

By the end of this course participants will have an understanding of the considerations of the form. They will know the steps to follow to develop an idea into a series. They will have enhanced their scriptwriting skills. Every participant can have the first two webisodes of their series written.

Participant Profile:

This course is suitable for participants looking to enhance their scriptwriting skills and develop an idea into a webseries.

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Applications for this course are now closed.

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