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VFX New Entrant Traineeship Programme

Tutors: TBC

Date: Monday, July 16th, 2018

Duration: 35 Weeks

Venue: Screen Scene

Cost: €0

Course Profile:

This flexible and practical training programme will provide essential on-the-job training to new entrants in the VFX Industry.

This programme will also support continued professional development for experienced production personnel by providing an ongoing support through which trainees can engage in meaningful work-based learning.

The facility will offer studio based on-the-job training for the new entrants.There will be 4 work placements made available to new entrant trainees on elements of the VFX Pipeline for Screen Scene.

The trainees will be paid a weekly allowance of €200 per week a 36 week duration.

Learning Outcomes;

  • Display a broad range of knowledge, skills and competences in a VFX Studio Environment.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of key concepts relevant to Rotoscoping and Junior Composting.
  • Demonstrate a broad range of specified cognitive and practical skills related to core modules.
  • Apply good work practices in compliance with legislation, regulations and procedures.
  • Use best practice in Junior Compositing Rotoscoping Skills and operate in a professional manner individually and a team context.

Participant Profile:

This programme is aimed at new entrants that may have transferable skills from other industries or recent graduates whose experience or transferable skills could prove relevant in the VFX industry.

Application Procedure:

Please apply online at  With an updated CV by the 27th of June.

For further details please contact

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