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Toon Boom Harmony – Character Animation Workshop

Tutors: Adam Oliver

Date: Monday, August 12th, 2019

Duration: 5 days

Venue: Dublin TBC

Cost: €300

Course Profile:

Screen Skills Ireland is delighted to announce an intensive 5-day Toon Boom Harmony – Character Animation Workshop upcoming this August. The aim of the course is to get participants up to speed with the latest version of the software. The course will teach students how to use Toon Boom effectively in a production environment. It will also teach newcomers to Toon Boom how to apply their animation skills within this complex digital world. The course will cover aspects of hand-drawn animation, but it will mainly dedicate its time to the cut-out, rigged style that is popular in the industry right now.

The course will progress through simple to complex tasks, each testing your technical software understanding and help to flex those creative animation muscles. There will also be some valuable practical tips on working in an animation studio environment. Through demonstrations, mini seminars, and exercises the course will cover:

– Applying the fundamentals in Toon Boom Harmony

– How to use the software efficiently for character animation

– Analysing the animatic and optimising your workflow

– Perfecting clean up and colour techniques

– Breaking down the keying process

– Animating with Master Controllers and 360 rigs

– Creating convincing dialogue performance

– Hot fixing rigs for shot by shot success

– Utilising re-use and the library system

– Polishing a scene and working with feedback

…and much more!

The aim of the week will be to rapidly improve your understanding of Toon Boom Harmony and produce animation by using methods followed by studios around the world. This course could be a stepping-stone into working in the industry, and can be tailored to your specific requirements as each task is undertaken. Each participant will also have exclusive access to online support documentation and character rigs, which will allow you to continue your study even after the course has concluded.

Participant Profile:

The course is suited to both relative newcomers to character animation as well as those looking to improve their skills. Ideally, you will have some digital animation experience, but this is not essential as the training will progress to more advanced tasks during the week, teaching the software along the way. It is also perfect for animators looking to learn Toon Boom Harmony.

Application Procedure:

Please apply online by 12pm on Friday 26 July 2019.

For further information please email

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