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Technology and Design: The Convergence of Physical and Digital Production

Tutors: Nathan Crowley Mary Pike Virginie Bourdin

Date: Saturday, October 17th, 2015

Duration: 1 day

Venue: The Dean Hotel, Dublin 2.

Cost: €40

Course Profile:

As part of an initiative to enhance design technology skills in film, this seminar will explore digital developments in physical production, and provide participants with a comprehensive overview of how technological developments are impacting on design skills across various departments.  The course will explore the convergence of digital and physical production, and the interaction and fluidity between various departments involved in concepting and design, including Art Department, Make-Up, SFX and VFX.

The seminar will include the following:

3D Modelling and Modelmaking

Former Assistant Supervisor of Weta Workshop Mary Pike discusses 3D modelling and developments in in 3D scanning, digital sculpture and 3D printing, with reference to her work on The Hobbit Trilogy, Elysium and The Amazing Spiderman 2.

The VFX Art Director

Virginie Bourdin discusses her role as conduit between production design and VFX on projects such as Cinderella, X:Men: Days of Future Past, and Godzilla.

Production Design Case Study:  INTERSTELLAR

Production Designer Nathan Crowley offers an insight into the combination of practical and digital techniques used in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, including miniatures, projection and visual effects.

Design for Film:  Inter-departmental collaboration

Panellists from different departments including Art Department, Make-Up, VFX and SFX discuss the growing convergence of digital and physical production, and discuss how cross-departmental collaboration is developing and shifting the boundaries between pre-production, production and post.

Participant Profile:

This seminar is aimed at those working in design departments of film at all levels and across multiple disciplines, including Art Department, Make-Up (Prosthetics), SFX, VFX, Modelmaking, and Concept Design.

Application Procedure:

Please apply online at Deadline for applications: Wednesday 7th October 2015. For further details contact

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