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Talent Management for Animation & VFX Companies

Tutors: Andrew Schlussel – Global Head of Training & Development, The Moving Picture Company Jane Leonard, Really Useful Training & Development John Loughran,Occupational Psychologist, founder of People in Mind Niamh Fennelly, Associate, Employment Law, Arthur Cox Séamus Given, Partner, Head of Employment Group, Arthur Cox

Date: Thursday, December 1st, 2016

Duration: 2 day workshop. Day 1 is the 1st of December 2016 and Day 2 is the 19th of January 2017

Venue: Hilton Hotel, Charlemont Place, Dublin

Cost: €150

Course Profile:

This training programme will focus on Talent Management for Animation and VFX companies. The programme is aimed at companies that are scaling and are dealing with a variety of departmental structures, organizational change, attracting staff, retaining staff, creating career pathways, and developing a culture of training and mentorship.  The programme aims to prepare the companies for change and set the ground work in place for the development of internal training academies within each company.  We also aim to inform and empower the Senior Management Team to implement an effective Talent Management system.

On completion of the programme, participating companies may have the opportunity to implement workplace learning initiatives with the support of Screen Training Ireland and Animation Skillnet.

Modules  include:

Module 1 – Leading Change & Creating a Culture of Training

This module will focus on working with the Senior Executive Team on leading change in the company approach to Talent Management, empowering the executive team.  It will explore the organisational structures, roles & responsibilities and the reporting processes that create the optimum environment for effective talent management.  Given that talent management represents a significant investment for companies, it’s critical that senior management teams understand how to maximise the return by setting the appropriate cultural context – from the top.

Module 2 – Creation & Implementation of a Learning Management System

This module will focus on creating a culture of training in the companies. We will explore in company Academy models eg; MPC.  The module will explore how to create a Learning Management System and the Implementation of a Learning Management System.

Module 3 – Unconscious Bias

This Module will explore the subject of Unconscious Bias, what it is, how it impacts your everyday decisions within the workplace, and explain strategies to ensure it is managed effectively.  The session will explore; the importance of diversity, how to manage diversity, and how to understand unconscious bias and to minimise its impact.

Module 4- Employment Law

This module will examine employer’s obligations to their staff and their terms of employment.  It will explore; dealing with part-time and contract staff ,  how to build a structure of retaining staff, performance reviews, appraisals, dismissal, dealing with no-performance, Equality, bullying, discrimination and dignity at work.  In addition the session will discuss salary scaling, IP protection and reporting structures.

Module 5 – Implementation of a Mentorship Process

This module will explore the implementation of a mentorship process in the company.  Examining area such as; Training the Trainer, incentivising staff to mentor, providing systems for putting a learning system in place.  It will also examine the process of reporting on effectiveness of the mentorship and the responsiveness of the trainee.  Finally how you feed this process into the appraisal systems in the workplace and tie this into career pathways and progression within the company structure.


Participant Profile:

This programme is aimed at Animation and VFX companies that are scaling.  The participants would be the Senior Executive Team.

Application Procedure:

Deadline for applications is Thursday 24th of November 2016. Please apply online to If you have any queries please email

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