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SyncOnSet – The Digital and Collaboration Tool for Film & TV Production

Tutors: Kevin Noonan

Date: Saturday, February 9th, 2019

Duration: 3 modules on Saturday and 2 modules on Sunday

Venue: Dublin TBC

Cost: €0

Course Profile:

SyncOnSet is a digital continuity and collaboration tool that helps streamline TV and Film production from prep to wrap. With SyncOnSet, your whole team can digitally manage script breakdowns, continuity photos, inventory, approvals, notes, and much more.

Kevin Noonan, Account Development Executive, with SyncOnSet will deliver a number of courses over two days that will introduce new users to SyncOnSet and upskill current users.


SyncOnSet offers three Costume workshops tailored to participant’s skill level and priorities:

A – 9am-11am ~ Advanced Costume Office (Supervisor/Coordinator/Experience using SyncOnSet): This workshop is designed for the experienced SyncOnSet users who have mastered the basics and are looking to maximize the way they use the software. The course will cover script revisions, cost reports, linking Characters, and more.
LAPTOP required

B – 12pm-2pm ~
Introduction Costume Office (Trainee/Assistant/New User): Learn how to fully build out a sample production in SyncOnSet starting with the automatic script import and breakdown. Users will practice adding in changes, building a budget, and using the money tracking tool, as well as generating reports throughout production.
LAPTOP Required

C – 2:30pm-4:30pm
~ Intro Set Costumer: Working from a sample production, users will practice taking continuity photos and notes, writing up costume changes, accessing actor fitting information, and more, through the mobile app – just as they would on set.


D – 9am-11am ~ General / Introduction course for Hair/Makeup and Script Supervisors:  Learn the fundamentals of breaking down a script and working collaboratively within the SyncOnSet software. Users will practice tracking continuity photos, notes, and the progression of a Character’s look through the mobile app – for easy access on the truck.


E – 12noon to 2pm ~ Workshop above repeated


F – 3pm to 5pm~ Workshop above repeated for Art Department/Set Decoration/Props


Participant Profile:

These workshops are aimed at crew with a variety of experience working in relevant departments that use, or plan to use, SyncOnSet.   Saturday’s workshops are specifically for crew working in the Costume department and participants should apply for the workshop(s) that best suits their experience, i.e. if you have never used SyncOnSet it is unlikely you will receive a place on the advanced workshop. Sunday’s workshops are open to all departments.

Application Procedure:

Please apply online at by 5pm on Wednesday, 23rd January 2019, attaching a current CV, outlining any experience with SyncOnSet if applying for the advanced course, with your application. In addition to applying, please email Fran Keaveney at with your preferred choice of modules. 

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