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Screen Leaders The Strategic Company Development Programme – Call for Applications 2015


Date: Wednesday, June 24th, 2015




Course Profile:

The Strategic Company Development Programme For The Screen IndustriesScreen Leaders is the Strategic Company Development Programme for the Screen Industries. It is designed for company leaders working in: film, television, animation, games, post-production, VFX, facilities, sales, distribution and exhibition. The programme is funded by the Creative Europe Programme and the Irish Film Board/Bord Scannain Eireann.To find out more about the participants experience on the programme please view this clip

This intensive Strategic Company Development Programme provides an extensive toolkit to grow and develop your business: strategic planning; the ability to implement strategic decisions; methodologies to align your company culture to your strategic plan; development of organisational structure; and the skills to adapt to change, foster innovation, and build company value. Screen Leaders will enable you to make informed strategic decisions which support the future growth of your company. This programme focuses on execution and implementation of the strategy.

Screen Leaders is purpose-designed in consultation with the selected participating companies. This bespoke course design makes the programme entirely unique. Course content is precisely tailored to your needs, to ensure that the content is relevant to your company and targeted to the markets in which your business is operating as well as markets in to which you hope to expand.
How is the training delivered?
Following consultation with each participating company, the Screen Leaders team will work with you and your company to identify your personal objectives and your company objectives. This consultation will be included in the course design so that the programme is responsive to you and your company’ s needs, and relevant to your future development.

The programme involves one to one mentorship, in company meetings & consultation, plenary sessions, case studies, group work and in company strategic planning.

The core elements of the Screen Leaders programme include the following:

Strategic Planning
Implementation of the Strategy
Strategic Leadership
Management Skills Development
Financial Planning
Developing a High Performance Culture
Brand Development and building company value
Company Case Studies
Industry Panel Sessions

Coaches and Guest Speakers are all top-tier International Professional

What is the duration of Screen Leaders?
Running from June to December, there are three main modules and one to one meetings between sessions, in total 11 Days of Direct Training away from the office over a six month period.

Module 1 – 25th to the 28th of June 2015
Module 2 – 27th & 28th of August or the 9th & 10th of September 2015 (you can choose the most suitable dates to attend this module)
Module 3 – 19th to the 22nd of November 2015

Between Modules 2 and 3, our Course Director for Strategy and Course Director for Leadership will meet with you to develop your strategic plan and assist in your implementation process.

Who can apply for this programme?
To qualify for this programme, your company must be in existence for at least 5 year+ and/or you must have a minimum of five years working at a senior management level within a company.

The nature of your company’ s business may include, but is not limited to the following: film, television, animation, post-production, VFX, facilities, sales, distribution and exhibition.

How many participants can attend from your company?

Each company is required to attend the programme with two key representatives at senior management level i.e. Owner/CEO/COO/CFO/Lead Producer/Head of Development/Board Member. You can bring additional people from your company to the strategic planning sessions.

How many companies participant in the programme?

To ensure an optimal learning environment, participation will between 8 to 10 companies a year, made up of two key practitioners from each company.

How much does the programme cost?
The programme costs €5,000 per company. This cost covers course fees, accommodation and subsistence for two senior company representatives. Travel costs are not included.

Scholarships are available from the 12 new EU member states.


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