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Scene Analysis: The Building Blocks of Scene Writing and Sequence Structure

Tutors: Beth Serlin

Date: Sunday, March 10th, 2019

Duration: 6 days

Venue: Dublin TBC

Cost: €450

Course Profile:

The aim of the course is to explore the precise craft of writing scenes for film. Through the medium of course work participants will apply their learning to their own scripts.

The course will focus on:

  • fundamentals – what is a scene?
  • the basic dramatic predicament
  • how character creates a scene
  • scene form and function
  • scene types: overt conflict, covert conflict, character introduction, exposition, preparation/aftermath, phone calls, subjective vs. objective action, omission, montage, transitions
  • different types of tension: suspense, irony, mystery
  • the sequence: fundamentals and form
  • sequences in sequence: building out feature structure
  • how sequences support acts, how scenes support sequences

Participant Profile:

Irish professionals involved in writing and development in the film industry. Participants must be involved in current development projects.

Application Procedure:

Please apply online at For further details please email Grainne Bennett at

Emailed applications cannot be accepted.  Deadline for applications: 10:00 am on the 18th of February.

Screen Skills Ireland will offer additional support to two writers from minority or disadvantaged backgrounds by waiving their participation fees and preserving two places for their attendance. This support is intended to encourage greater diversity of creative writing voices and they will be reserved specifically for participants who would otherwise not be able to take part.

If you are a writer from a minority group or have been educationally disadvantaged and are interested in participating in this course please apply online and also please email Grainne Bennett on

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