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RED ROCK Writers Academy

Tutors: John Yorke

Date: Monday, September 28th, 2015

Duration: 1 full time course week: Monday 28th of September to Friday 2nd of October, part time/writing weeks: 5th of October to 27th Novemver 2015, finishing with a final session and course review taking place over 1 week from 30th of November

Venue: Dublin

Cost: €375

Course Profile:

The aim of the ‘Red Rock’ Writers Academy is to discover the next generation of Irish Writers for television, initially by going through an intensive course on writing for ‘Red Rock’.
8 students will be selected for the course. On completion of the course, successful students will be commissioned to write future episodes of the show.

The initial five-day intensive classroom based section, presented by John Yorke, will comprise:

Day One:
25 top tips for writing TV Drama
Guest Lectures: Gareth Philips – ‘Red Rock’ Executive Producer
Lauren MacKenzie – ‘Red Rock’ Series Producer (Editorial)
‘Red Rock’ Set Tour
Basics of Writing ‘Red Rock’, from editorial and production practicalities viewpoints

Day Two:
What is a Story, part 1 – the basic ingredients of a story
What is a Story, part 2 – breaking stories – making planning documents work

Day Three:
What is a Story, part 3 – act structure
Write a Hollywood movie – exercise

Day Four:
What is a Story, part 4 – journey and change
Guest Lecturer: Peter McKenna – ‘Red Rock’ creator and Series 1 Executive Producer

Day Five:
Introduction to ‘Red Rock’ structure
Final exercise and mock episode commissioning

The writers will then leave the classroom to write a mock script of ‘Red Rock’, following the same time pattern as a “real” commission. They will be script edited by the course tutor and course editor and will be taken through:
1st draft Scene Breakdown
2nd draft Scene Breakdown
3rd draft Scene Breakdown
1st draft Script
2nd draft Script
3rd draft Script
This will take place over 8 weeks from 5th October to 27th November, through a mixture of online, skype and personal sessions with the course tutor/course editor.

At the end of the writing period there will be a final session and course review. This session will involve in depth one to one tutorials with the course tutor and the Executive Producer of ‘Red Rock’. There will also be a joint session for all writers in the academy, led by the course tutor, reviewing the highlights and talking about common faults and successes.

All applicants agree to the following terms and conditions:

The copyright of all scripts sent to EP Red Rock Limited rests with the writer – you do not need to formally copyright work before you send it in to Red Rock or the Red Rock Writers Academy.

Writers are often anxious that their work may be stolen or plagiarised. However, similarities in writers’ ideas, material, and scripts occur surprisingly often. Red Rock does not recommend scripts submitted to editorial or production departments without first contacting the writer and we do not retain copies of scripts that have been rejected or returned to the writer.

Red Rock isn’t looking for ideas for production in the first instance – we are primarily looking for scripts that show a real talent and potential in the writer.

In the rare event that a producing department wishes to use material from unsolicited script, Red Rock would necessarily agree appropriate contractual terms with the writer in line with standard Red Rock writer agreements.

Red Rock receives a great many submissions, and similarities of subject matter often occur.

Red Rock cannot undertake to compensate you if material similar to yours, received coincidentally from another source or already developed by us, is subsequently commissioned or produced.

In the event of any dispute concerning the submitted material or concerning any claim of any kind or nature whatsoever, arising in connection with the submitted material, such dispute will be submitted to arbitration conducted in the Republic of Ireland. The arbitration shall employ a single arbitrator experienced in the motion picture and/or television industry from Republic of Ireland or the United Kingdom. The arbitrator’s award will be final and binding and judgement upon the award may be enforced by any court of competent jurisdiction.

Participant Profile:

The ‘Red Rock’ Writers Academy is aimed at writers who would like to gain further experience in writing for continuing drama/soap. Participants must have at least one paid professional credit (television, film, theatre, radio etc.) Candidates must display the stamina and desire necessary for the intensive course and script commissioning process.

Application Procedure:

Please apply online at with your current CV. Please email a script that you would consider your best work (can be television, film, theatre, radio etc) and a short pitch on why you would be the appropriate candidate for this course (300 words max) to

Deadline for applications: Friday the 28th of August. For further details contact:

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