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P.A. Bootcamp – Troy Studios, Limerick

Tutors: Jody Brockway Leigh Paonessa Chuck Canzoneri

Date: Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

Duration: 2 Days (5th-6th Dec Or 7th – 8th Dec)

Venue: Troy Studios, Limerick

Cost: €40

Course Profile:

Screen Training Ireland and Limerick and Clare ETB, in partnership with Universal Cable Productions, are hosting a P.A. Bootcamp training programme for new industry entrants.  This renowned Bootcamp is not a school. Not a class. Not a seminar. Not a powerpoint presentation.  The P.A. Bootcamp is JOB TRAINING:  a two-day thorough, intensive, real-world programme designed to give participants a full and practical understanding of the role of Office, Set and Location Production Assistant.

Participants will be divided into two groups for the P.A. Bootcamp:  One group will complete the training on Tues 5th and Wednesday 6th December and the second group on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th December.


  • Mock Production Meeting.
  • Production paperwork (one liner, D.O.O.D, shooting schedule, sides).
  • Call Sheet.  Line by line reading and explaining.  Emphasis on where to find information on the sheet.
  • “Tree” for Production.  The job description and responsibilities for each position:
  • UPM, 1st A.D., 2nd A.D., 2nd A.D., DGA Trainee, Key Set P.A., Set P.A.
  • Definition of a Set P.A.:   Extension to the A.D.  Lock-ups.  Anticipation not initiation. Understanding what the A.D. wants from the P.A.  Personality and work ethic.  Staff vs. Day Player.
  • CALL OUT/SHOUT OUT.  Explaining how the radio communication works for calling out. Review and explanation of all terms.
  • TERMINOLOGY GAME   Team competition for guessing definitions of terms.
  • DON’TS.  Interactive “game” format covering many set etiquette issues.
  • KIT BUILDING.  Divide into groups and build A.D. kits.
  • PUSH THE CALL.  All trainees have Call Sheets and red Sharpies.  They push the call on their sheets.


  • Full radio instruction and drill. Mic plug-in, battery changing, correct use of channels; keying; clipping; proper communication; terminology; answering questions from call sheets.
  • Radio Inventory
  • BACKGROUND.  Check-in, vouchers, skins, sorting and categorizing.  Bringing background to set, background holding, background cuing.
  • Military time for time cards.
  • Gear.  What to wear and bring.  What NOT to wear and bring.

Day two always ends with work search resources and resume building.


Participant Profile:

Graduates, trainees and new entrants to the film industry seeking an opportunity to enhance their understanding of office, set and location production assistance.

Application Procedure:

Please apply online at  For further details contact Sorcha Loughnane at   Application Deadline: Monday 20th November 2017.

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