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Directing Actors

Tutors: Gerry Grennell Shimmy Marcus, Creative Director, Bow Street Dearbhla Walsh, Director Kirsten Sheridan

Date: Monday, July 17th, 2017

Duration: 4 Days: 17-20 July

Venue: Bow Street, Dublin.

Cost: €300

Course Profile:

Bow Street in partnership with Screen Training Ireland are proud to present our new 4 day intensive workshop on Directing Actors. Overseen by some of the finest Directors and Coaching talent in Ireland, this course is aimed at filmmakers eager to further develop and nurture their creative output through gaining a greater understanding of the actors process. This course aims to provide the necessary tools for creating a positive common language, understanding and shorthand between the director and the actor that will ultimately lead to a more constructive creative collaboration and a higher level of performance overall.

Course Content will include:

The Actor’s Process

  • Ownership
  • Collaborating & Communicating with Actors
  • Giving Effective Notes
  • The Rehearsal Process
  • Being The Actor
  • Creating An Honest Moment/Performance
  • Approaching Script
  • Directing Actors
  • Shooting Scenes
  • Reviewing Work & Making Editing Choices

DAY 1: The Actor with Gerry Grennell

Renowned voice and acting coach Gerry Grennell examines the world of the actor and the actor’s process and how directors can create the right environment, language and approach for producing work at a very high level.

Gerry has collaborated extensively with Heath Ledger on numerous projects including The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus and Batman: The Dark Knight, and has worked frequently with Johnny Depp, Bruce Willis, Oscar Isaac, Joel Edgerton, Abbie Cornish, Natalie Portman (Jane Got A Gun) Tom Cruise (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) Marlon Brando, Sean Penn, Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, Amy Adams, Kate Hudson, Ewan McGregor, Orlando Bloom and many more.

Topics covered:

− When the actor does their best work and the conditions that bring that about

− Rehearsal and shooting process

− Ownership

− Employing ownership as the director

− Communicating with actors

− Working from concepts

− Staying open to creative collaboration

Day 2: Being The Actor with Shimmy Marcus

On day 2 of this intensive programme, participants will have the opportunity to experience the filmmaking process from the perspective of the actor. Approaching the work from the other side of the camera, directors will pair up in advance of the workshop to prepare a scene. Engaging in the actor’s process, participants will be given a scene to learn before workshopping it on it’s feet with award winning filmmaker Shimmy Marcus.

DAY 3: Directing Actor’s with Kirsten Sheridan

Director’s will work exclusively with Bow Street actor’s on Day 3, workshopping and fine tuning scenes in the morning, before shooting the results of their rehearsal work in the afternoon. In this way directors will get an opportunity to examine their own approach to both the rehearsal and on set dynamic of working with actors. Under the guidance of Oscar Nominated writer/director Kirsten Sheridan. Participants will take a scene from first instincts to a finished filmed piece over the course of the day.

DAY 4: Review and Analysis with Dearbhla Walsh

In the final session of this 4 day workshop, the scenes filmed on day 3 will be reviewed with Emmy Award winning film and television director, Dearbhla Walsh. This workshop will comprise of a mixture of analysis of the performances captured, played back in the Bow Street cinema, along with a group discussion on the processes, mechanisms, tools and approaches that led to the final results. This session will also act as a recap of the useful discoveries made over the 4 days.

Participant Profile:

Director’s must have at least one directing credit to be considered for this workshop. All levels of technical ability are welcome as this course focuses primarily on the relationship between the director and the actor and on guiding a performance, rather than the technical aspects of filmmaking.

Application Procedure:

Please apply online at by 1 pm on Tuesday the 4th of July.  For further details please contact Grainne Bennett

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