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Business & Enterprise: Business Model Innovation Workshop

Tutors: Raomal Perera

Date: Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

Duration: 2 Days

Venue: Alexander Hotel, Dublin

Cost: €150

Course Profile:

Business Model Innovation is about creating value, for companies, customers and society. It is about replacing outdated models.
Today, countless innovative business models are emerging. Entirely new industries are forming as old ones crumble. New innovation starts-ups are challenging the old ones, some of whom are struggling to reinvent themselves.

How do you imagine your organisation’s business model might look in two, five or seven years from now? Will you be among the dominant players? Will you face competitors brandishing formidable new business models?

The outcomes from this workshop include:

  • Getting an introduction to the innovation methodologies from Stanford D-School to Lean Startup
  • Understand the basic components of a Business model and explore the process of business model innovation
  • Understand the basic components of a Value Proposition designer
  • Learn how you can systematically invent, design and implement powerful new business models using a number of tools and processes introduced through the day
  • Understand how you can question challenge and transform old, outmoded business models
  • Learn how to introduce a new product or service. How you can turn visionary ideas into game changing business models that challenge the established businesses

Workshop Structure

This is a two day workshop on Business Model Innovation. It is a hands-on workshop to learn and use the tools that will help you design, test and build business models and value propositions for your business.

The participants will be divided into groups. Each group will develop several business model canvases.

Participant Profile:

This seminar is aimed at Company Leaders in film, television, animation, VFX, post-production and service companies. Ideally each company will attend with two participants (this is not a pre-requisite). There will be 10 companies, 20 participants attending the programme.

Application Procedure:

Please apply online at Deadline for applications: 29th of October 2015. For further details contact

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