Career Spotlight: Kate McCullough, Director Of Photography 08.03.2018

Kate McCullough is a leading Director of Photography who has worked on acclaimed Irish documentaries IT’S NOT DARK YET and THE FARTHEST.  Kate has kindly contributed to Screen Training Ireland’s career spotlight established to outline the many different careers in the screen sectors with a particular focus on female filmmakers. You can read more about

Bursary Information Day 21.02.2018

Screen Training Ireland and Creative Europe MEDIA hosted an information day in January which focused on training opportunities offered by Creative Europe MEDIA for documentary filmmakers which can be accessed through the Bursary Award Scheme. The information day gave an overview of European market and training opportunities, and featured presentations from and key European training

Miniature Model Making course at Pinewood Studios 21.02.2018

Irina Kuksova received a bursary to attend a Minature Model Making course at Pinewood Studios. Read more about her experience on the course. “At the time of the application for a Screen Training Ireland bursary, I had been involved with the Irish Film Industry for eight years. Coming from a fine art and interior design

Career Spotlight: Eimear Noone, Composer and Conductor 25.01.2018

Screen Training Ireland talks with Irish Composer and Conductor Eimear Noone as part of a Careers Spotlight series. Eimear is arguably the world’s current premier conductor of video game scores.  She is the principle conductor for Blizzard Games (WORLD OF WARCRAFT) and a first call for sessions at Skywalker Ranch, her credits include the most respected

Transatlantic Partners 2017 25.10.2017

Rachel O’Kane, producer, Tilted Pictures, recently received a bursary to attend the Transatlantic Partners 2017.Read more about her experience on the programme. “Transatlantic Partners is an excellent training and networking programme for experienced film and TV producers from Europe, Canada and the US. Founded in 2009 by Jan Miller, TAP is the only programme that is

Career Spotlight: Caoimhe Doyle, Foley Artist 19.06.2017

Caoimhe Doyle Foley Artist outlines her career path. “I began my journey into sound in 1989 with a Diploma in Communications and Media Production, specialising in sound, from Coláiste Dhúlaigh, Dublin. At that time, film sound was in its infancy in Ireland. It wasn’t until 1995 that Paul Moore founded Ardmore Sound; a studio that


Interested in participating in a training course or structured work programme to enhance your career development?  Screen Training Ireland may be able to assist with funding through the Bursary Award Scheme. Katie Holly, producer Blinder Films, recently received a bursary to attend the Showrunners TV Drama Series Exchange in Los Angeles with MediaXchange. Read more

Athena IRIS Screenwriting Lab New York 06.04.2017

Oonagh Kearney received a bursary to attend the Athena IRIS Screenwriting Lab in New York.  Read more about her experience on the programme. “In November 2016, I came across an opportunity online looking for feature film scripts featuring strong female characters. The inaugural Athena IRIS Screenwriting Lab was designed for female writers who had not

Intensive Feature Film Supervising Sound Editor/Sound Designer Training 28.11.2016

Steve Fanagan received a bursary to attend a mentorship in Intensive Feature Film Supervising Sound Editor/Sound Designer with Douglas Murray at 20th Century Fox in Los Angeles.  Read more about Steve’s experience. “With the support of Screen Training Ireland’s Bursary Award Scheme, I recently completed a 2 week full-time course in ‘Intensive Feature Film Supervising Sound

Virtual Reality Filmmaking Workshop Helsinki 20.09.2016

Conor Dowling received a bursary to attend a Virtual Reality workshop in Helsinki in Finland.  Read more about Conor’s experience. “After much interest and research into Virtual Reality Filmmaking and 360 video, I came across a practical VR filmmaking workshop in Helsinki, Finland.  I applied for the course and was accepted. Fortunately Screen Training Ireland