Niamh Heery talks about the Nordisc Panorama Programme 28.10.2015

Niamh Heery recieved a bursary award to attend the Nordisc Panorama programme in September. Read about Niamh’s experience on the programme. “I was funded by Screen Training Ireland’s international bursary scheme to attend Nordisc Panorama from 19-22 September. Screen Talent Europe is a network of film workshops, media centres and related institutions working to develop

Ultan Courtney ASSET recipient talks about the Benefits of the Scheme. 07.10.2015

“The ASSET scheme afforded me the financial assistance I needed to fund a specialised training programme in the field of 3D, Animation & Visual Effects. It’s no secret that self-initiative is key to success in the creative industry. Although I don’t claim to be a success, I am proud to have made a substantial leap

Anna Rackard talks about her time spent at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects 07.07.2015

ANNA RACKARD recently received a bursary to attend the Digital Painting at the Gnomon School in LA.  Read more about Anna’s experience. “I recently completed a 10 week part-time course in Digital Painting at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Los Angeles. ‘Gnomon’ specialises in computer graphics for careers in the entertainment industry, their