Fís Eireann / Screen Ireland

The role of Fís Eireann / Screen Ireland (SI) is the national development agency for Irish filmmaking and the Irish film, television and animation industry, investing in talent, creativity and enterprise. The agency supports writers, directors and production companies across these sectors by providing investment loans for the development, production and distribution of film, television and animation projects.

Screen Ireland also supports and promotes the Irish screen industries at major international markets and festivals, promotes inward investment, the use of Ireland as a location for international production and provides support for companies filming location in Ireland. The agency provides a strategic vision for industry training through Screen Training Ireland.

What is the economic worth of the audiovisual industry?

Results from an industry survey carried out by PWC in 2008 identify the Irish audio-visual sector as a key industry for growth, revealing that the sector is valued at over €557.3 million, employs over 6,000 individuals and represents 0.3% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Fís Eireann / Screen Ireland is a key investor in the film and television content production industry which sits at the heart of this new Creative Knowledge Economy and therefore represents an important value proposition for Ireland.

For more detailed information please contact Screen Ireland directly.


T: +353 91 561398

Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland is the government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets. Enterprise Ireland work in partnership with Irish enterprises to help them start, grow, innovate and win export sales on global markets. In this way, Enterprise Ireland support sustainable economic growth, regional development and secure employment. You can find detailed information on Enterprise Ireland’s activities, strategy and performance on the website.


T: + 353 1 727 2000
E: Client.Service@enterprise-ireland.com

The National Digital Skills Centre – Broadcast Production Skills

The Broadcast Prodcuction Skills course, formally TV and Video Production, based in the National Digital Skills Centre, Tralee and running since 1987, is the market leader in practical skills based training, utilising up to date, state of the art technology from Apple, Adobe, AVID, Sony, Panasonic, JVC, RED and many other industry vendors.

The course from the start has been unique in its approach to training by developing a “Training through Production” attitude. It could be described as a production unit that trains rather than the opposite. This training course is one of the best hands on technical skills training programmes in the country. Course participants are exposed to a variety of industry standard equipment over a period of 1 year. They work with real clients, real deadlines and sample all of the phases of production. This approach provides hands on practical skills not normally available in a learning environment. Project work is the backbone of the skills training; this is achieved by the targeting of client groups such as small charities, community groups, start-up businesses, NGOs etc.

Work experience is another crucial factor of increasing participants’ employability, the TV & Video unit in Tralee has very strong links with the industry by proving them with trainees who have a high level of personal and skills competency and understands the language of the business. Over the past quarter of a century the graduates have been placed in a variety of TV & Film companies including RTÉ, TV3, TG4, BBC, Setanta, Open Eye, Another Avenue, Coco TV, Element Pictures, EO Teilifis, EGG Post Production, Like it love it Productions, Tangerine Post Production & Vision Independent Productions. With the launching of the internships scheme by the Government it has proven to be an ideal platform for the graduates from the TV & Video course to develop their skills and benefit the company providing the internship for a period of up to 9 months. More information for employers is available on jobsbridge.ie

One of the strengths of the course is the trainee/equipment ratio, the 18 participants are split into 6 crews each having access to their own full production and post-production resources.

The real-world production training gives trainees an opportunity to develop their interpersonal skills which are crucial to sustained employment.  This approach has been the successful blueprint, which gives the trainees the complete production training experience.

The Tralee centre has collaborated with Screen Training Ireland on various industry workshops including RED & Arri Alexa camera workshops.   Other courses available include the following,

  • Interactive Media – TR 35
  • Radio – Media techniques – ET 283

For Further information please contact The National Digital Skills Centre or Kerry Training Centre.


T: +66 7649600

E: training@kerrytrainingcentreetb.ie or for specific information on the course

E: bnolan@kerrytrainingcentre.ie

National Film School (IADT)

The National Film School (NFS) at IADT launched in November 2003 is a professional centre of excellence that both reflects and influences practice in the film, animation, broadcasting and digital media industries by providing creative, technical and academic education at an international standard. This status is based on: the consistently high achievements of its student productions in both professional competitions and festivals, at home and abroad; the careers of its graduates in the entertainment and media industries; the very high standard of applied film education that has been provided in Dún Laoghaire for almost 30 years. IADT’s full-time and part-time staff possess considerable industry experience and a high proportion continue to work as practitioners.

The National Film School has a range of practical full-time courses all of which are honours undergraduate programmes in Animation, Film & TV Production, Modelmaking, Design & Special Effects, Design for Stage & Screen (Production Design, Costume Design and Make-up Design). In addition postgraduate MA programmes in Screenwriting and Broadcast Production (Radio & Television) are also available.

For further information on the National Film School Undergraduate and postgraduate MA programmes please contact the National Film School IADT.


T: +353 1 2144724

E: info@iadt.ie

Or Pamela Gaynor at the Faculty of Film, Art and Creative Technologies

pamela.gaynor@iadt.ie +353 1 2394000

The Gaiety School of Acting

The Gaiety School of Acting train actors for the theatre, film and television industries. Past students have worked on The Clinic, Fair City, Bachelors Walk, Casualty, The Bill, Tudors and Love/Hate. Graduates have worked on stage in the Abbey Theatre, the Gate Theatre, and with the Druid Theatre Company, Rough Magic and the Fishamble Theatre Company. They offer a broad range of courses on acting, script writing and theatre. They provide training for all age groups.

For further information of courses currently on offer please contact the Gaiety School of Acting directly.


T: +353 1 6799277

E: info@gaietyschool.com

Galway Film Centre

Galway Film Centre is a non-profit, members based organisation dedicated to the development of film as an artistic medium in the West of Ireland. They support filmmakers, community and youth groups through education and training, equipment provision and information. They offer short training programmes, tailored training for groups and one to one tuition. They focus on training for the Galway Region but have delivered training programmes in association with Screen Training Ireland in the Dublin area.  For the last two years they have delivered a seminar on television drama which has drawn attendance from all over the country.  They have a fully equipped computer based training lab on site.

For further information on courses currently on offer please contact Galway Film Centre.


T: +353 91 770748

E: info@galwayfilmcentre.ie



Filmbase is a not-for-profit resource centre for filmmakers. It is funded primarily by the arts council, members fees and training fee income.  Filmbase provides a range of film and video training courses for new and emerging filmmakers as well as the more experienced film professional. Course lengths vary from 1 day or weekend courses to courses run over 8 to 10 weeks. Filmbase is Ireland’s first Apple Authorized and an Adobe Training Centre.

For further information on courses currently on offer please contact Filmbase.


T: +353 1 679 6716

E: info@filmbase.ie

The Digital Hub Learning Programme

The Digital Hub Learning Programme (formerly elevate Learning @ The Digital Hub) offers members of the Dublin 8 community the opportunity to gain IT skills and digital media training. The programme has reached out to local schools, colleges and community groups with projects involving over 12,000 participants to date.

The initiative has also developed links beyond the immediate community, connecting with research centres and third-level institutions involved in the digital media sector, such as the THE DIGITAL HUB LEARNING PROGRAMME.

Another initiative FUTURE CREATORS provides young people with an opportunity to develop digital media skills which exploring their creative potential.

For further information please contact the Digital Hub Learning Centre.


T: + 353 1 4806200

E: learning@thedigitalhub.ie


Cork Film Centre

The Cork Film Centre is a resource centre for Filmmakers in the Cork area.  Funded by the Arts council, CFC supplies local filmmakers with equipment and training.

For further information on courses currently on offer please contact Cork Film Centre.


T: +353 21 421 5160

E: corkfilmcentre@gmail.com

Broadcasting Authority of Ireland

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland was established on 1st October 2009 to regulate content across all broadcasting, assuming the roles previously held by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) and the Broadcasting Complaints Commission (BCC).

The BAI provides support for the skills development of the audiovisual sector on a case by case basis.

Facilitating learning and development in the Broadcasting Sector is relevant to both the functions of the Authority as set out in the Broadcasting Act 2009 and the strategic objectives of the BAI as outlined in the BAI Strategy Statement.

The provision of sectoral development support to the broadcasting industry was previously undertaken by the Independent Radio and Television Commission (IRTC) and the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI). The way in which such support was delivered has developed over time from being managed by the regulatory body to a more industry-led approach, reflecting the growing ability of the industry to identify and implement its own training and development requirements.

The Community Broadcasting Support Scheme

The Community Broadcasting Support Scheme offers funding to community radio and television broadcasters to conduct internal or external evaluations of their respective services. The completed evaluations are then used by broadcasters to identify and address areas of their operations that may need review or alteration.

Media Research Funding Scheme

The BAI recognises the importance of research in guiding and planning all aspects of its work. Through this research it undertakes, the BAI aims to inform debate on broadcasting-related matters, with a view to facilitating informed, evidence-based decision-making.

The objectives of the Scheme are:

  • To develop and maintain links between the BAI, third-level institutions and the broadcasting sector;
  • To drive quality research initiatives to provide a strong evidence base to the regulatory environment of the BAI’s work;
  • To provide research that will facilitate the BAI in meeting the needs of viewers and listeners in Ireland.

For more detailed information please contact the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland directly.


T: +353 1 6441200

E: info@bai.ie